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What are the basic parts of the computer?

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the keyboard,the cpu,the mous,the monitor,and

the printer

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What are two basic computer parts?

computers,computer hardware

Basic parts of a computer and their meaning?


What are the 4 basic part of a computer?

The four basic parts of a computer is the processor, input devices, output devices and the display.

What is three basic parts of a computer?

Processor ports and monitor

What are parts of the computer connected to the CPU?

The Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Speaker and Printer are some of the most basic computer parts connected to the CPU.

What do computer repair classes teach?

There are basic and advanced classes for computer repair. The basic classes teach general repairs and how to replace parts inside the computer. The advanced classes teach more technical repairs and how to actually fix some broken parts.

What are the basic units of computer and what are the functions of each unit?

input- we ask the computer what to do ( with the help of input devices) output- computer shows the result for what we have asked him (by screen) in a computer basic part is CPU in a CPU basic parts are BIOS which start the computer harddisk which store data process which process the data

What are the basic parts of computer?

The basic parts of computer are CPU, hard drive mouse, keyboard, RAM, monitor, power supply and many more. Some computers may vary slightly in terms of features but they contain most of the ones mentioned.

What are the three basic parts of a computer?

Input devices output devices central processing unit

How are computer parts made?

Computer parts are made using different processes depending on the particular part. The purpose of the computer is what will determine the design and the factory will follow the specific design to come up with the computer. Most modules will have a similar basic structure.

Basic function of computer?

what the basic function of computer

What are the five basic parts of components of CPU?

basic components parts Internal parts

Basic application of computer?

The Basic application of a computer is to Calculate.

What are Satellite Assemblies?

Power, Thrust, Attitude determination and control, Mission computer, antenna(com.) are basic parts

What are the 6 basic parts of a computer?

Processor Hard Drive Motherboard RAM Power Supply Unit Case

What is Computer Basic?

Computer Basic can mean BASIC- a programming language invented in 1964 at Dartmouth College or The basics of how to use a computer.

What are the parts of the computer mouse?

The basic features (considered to be parts) of a mouse are a casing with a flat bottom; one or more buttons on the top; a multidirectional detection device (usually a ball) on the bottom; and a cable connecting the mouse to the computer.

What three parts of the computer receive output?

Three basic components of a computer that receive output are a monitor, a printer and the speakers. Anything that receives electrical output from the computer is considered an output device.

What is the meaning of basic computer terminology?

what is the meaning of basic computer terminology?

External parts of a computer?

what are the external parts of a computer?

What are peripherals?

They are parts to a computer. They are parts to a computer.these are the sides.

Parts of a computer mouse?

parts of a computer mouse

What are Basic parts of a computer keyboard?

numeric keys,function keys,main keyboard, editing keypad, arrow keys

Does the auto parts dictionary include computer logistics?

The auto parts dictionary does include some basic information on computer logistics, but a person will have to look elsewhere for in-depth information. Fortunately, such information is widely available in other resources.

When was BASIC Computer Games created?

BASIC Computer Games was created in 1973.