What are the basic science processes?

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Observing - using the senses to gather information about an

object or event. Your vocabulary for this lesson: Qualitative

Observation (using the senses) and Quantitative Observation (using

exact measurement).

Example: Describing a pencil as yellow.

Inferring - making an "educated guess" about an object or event

based on previously gathered data or information.

Example: Saying that the person who used a pencil made a lot of

mistakes because the eraser was well worn.

Measuring - using both standard and nonstandard measures or

estimates to describe the dimensions of an object or event.

Example: Using a meter stick to measure the length of a table in


Communicating - using words or graphic symbols to describe an

action, object or event.

Example: Describing the change in height of a plant over time in

writing or through a graph.

Classifying - grouping or ordering objects or events into

categories based on properties or criteria.

Example: Placing all rocks having certain grain size or hardness

into one group.

Predicting - stating the outcome of a future event based on a

pattern of evidence.

Example: Predicting the height of a plant in two weeks time

based on a graph of its growth during the previous four weeks.

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