What are the basis of classifying algae?


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the basis for classifying algae is color


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what are the criteria used to classify algae

there are many basis for classifying animals like kingdom,phylum,class,orderfamily,, genus,and species

The most important basis for classifying living things is their genetic similarity.

The basis of classification of algae are its nature i.e cellular characteristic and form and size

Taxonomy is the science of naming and classifying biological organisms on the basis of shared characteristics.

It's done purely on the basis of their distance from the Sun.

Algae form the main basis of the aquatic food chain.

It completely depends on temperature, type of algae, and the amount of Phosfates in the water. Plus algae evolves on a yearly basis.

Silicates have to have SiO4, and nonsilicates don't.

Domain Phylum Class Order Family Genus Species

A Plasmodium diet consists of many types of algae. The main algae that Plasmoduim consume on a regular basis is the red algae, but it also enjoys green algae, blue algae, and yellow algae as well.

The classification is based on the processes that formed the rock.

The reason for organizing, analyzing and classifying data is find out the data relates. The relationship between the elements of a data will form the basis of the information.

the process of classifying an organisation on the basis of departments or similar activities, to facilitate planning and control

vertabrates(with backbone) and invertabrates(without backbone) :)

Rainfall distribution was the main factor used as basis for classifying the four types of climate in the Philippines.

It depends where in the ocean. If its in the deep bottom where almost or no light reaches than the basis would be unicellular bacteria. if its at top it would be algae including seaweed and etc.

There are many animals that will eat algae from oceans and saltwater lakes. The flamingo is one animal that makes a diet of algae on a daily basis.

All the earlier attempts for classifying elements were made on the basis of their atomic masses.

what is classifying in accounting?

The Three Domain System is a system for classifying biological organisms. The three domains are bacteria, archaea, and eukarya.

Classifying is the correct spelling.

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