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The basis of morality in a human action is well defined and prescribed in all religions and their scriptures. A person who is religious or believes in religion shall not commit an immoral act

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Q: What are the basis of morality of human acts?
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What is the concrete basis of morality?

present the concrete basis of morality

What are the obstacles to human acts?

conscience, other people's reaction, morality, etc

What is the ultimate norm of morality in human acts?

There are four main elements or factors which are determinative of the morality of action. They are, as called by traditional moral philosophy, the intention, the nature and object of the act itself, the circumstances, and the foreseeable consequences.

Who said that morality is bound up with the function of a human being?

morality was bound up with the function of a human being

What is The difference of human acts and acts of human?

Humane acts are acts of mercy or acts that make you "Human". Acts of Human are not always nice, an example would be pollution.

What should be the basis of law?

Laws should be established using a basis of morality, equality, consistency, mercy, equity and fairness.

What is the meaning of pragmatic ethics?

this is an ethical theory which holds that the morality of human acts depends on consequences or results. An action is right if it leads to good consequences; wrong if it leads to bad consequences.

Human acts in philosopy?

human acts?

What is the definition of human acts?

Definition of human acts?"

Is morality an unfinished project?

For human individuals, yes.

Which humanists do not believe in God?

A:Secular humanists do not believe in God. They reject religious dogma, supernaturalism, pseudoscience or superstition as the basis of morality and decision-making, but embrace human reason, ethics, and social justice.

Law is not considered as a guideline for human behavior?

Law is considered a guideline for human behavior. Law mainly follows under the process how humans think and how to solve disputes according how an individual acts. Law may fall into a social science when it comes to solve a solution for human morality.