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A smoker grill have faster cooking time compared to non smoker. Also Some people like the added aroma provided by a smoker grill that a non smoker grill don't provide.

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Q: What are the benefits of a smoker BBQ grill?
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What is the difference between a BBQ smoker and a BBQ grill?

A BBQ smoker smokes and adds aroma plus texture to your meat. A normal BBQ grill is just the same old grill that's just pretty much the basic. You should buy a BBQ smoker if you are going to use it only on special days.

Why Buy a BBQ Grill Smoker?

A BBQ grill smoker is very different from a BBQ grill in that it actually smokes items while they are cooking. This imparts a special flavor that cannot be found under different conditions. Choose a BBQ grill smoker that is the right size for you depending on the amount of food that you plan to smoke on a regular basis. Large pieces of meat need a big smoker while smaller pieces work fine on a small BBQ smoker grill.

What home and garden place sells BBQ grill smoker?

Yes, there are available home and garden stores where you can buy BBQ grill smoker. For more details and complete set of design you can visit

Can I return my BBQ grill smokers?

Yes you should be able to return your BBQ grill smoker as long as you still have all your original receipts and proofs of purchase. The BBQ smoker should be in near new condition and have no other physical or mechanical defects.

How much does a BBQ smoker grill cost?

Depending on different kinds of BBQ smoker grills and the additional features, they can range from $70 to $1,500. A good website to check out for more information is this one:

What charcoal BBQ smoker is the best on the market today?

According to the BBQ Guys website, the best charcoal powered BBQ smoker is the Medina River backyard smoker grill. They also had a list of better smokers that were electric powered.

Benefits Of A Smoker Grill ?

Smoker grills have soured in popularity. Compared with traditional grills, the smoker grill boasts many benefits. First, the smoker grill cooks meat at a slower pace. This makes it perfect for cooking things like pork and chicken. You can adjust the temperature more easily with a smoker grill. In most cases, the amount of charcoal is much less.

what is the best charcoal grill to buy?

There are several highly rated charcoal grills to buy. Some of bbqguys' best selling charcoal grills include the Primo ceramic smoker grill, bbq guys built in 30 inch grill, and Medina river backyard large smoker grill.

What would be the best BBQ smoker for a beginner?

You can turn your BBQ into a smoker very easily. You just need a pan with mesquite chips and water. Put that one one side of the grill and put the food on the other. Keep the lid closed.

BBQ Smokers ?

form_title= BBQ Smokers form_header= Cook like a pro with a BBQ smoker. What size smoker do you want to buy?*= _ [50] What is your budget for a smoker?*= _ [50] Have you ever used a smoker before?*= () Yes () No

What are the benefits of a smoker grill?

Smoke grilling brings different flavors out of your food for example the texture and taste of a smoked fish opposed to a BBQ fish is very distinct. The main advantage of smoke grilling is the flavor and taste.

Getting Good Results With Your Smoker BBQ Grill?

A smoker BBQ grill is a popular accessory in backyards nationwide. For the best results with your smoker, start marinating your meat or vegetables the night before. Maintain a low temperature, below 300 degrees, throughout the cooking time. Baste your meat or vegetables frequently during smoking, but avoid using a BBQ sauce or other sauce with a large amount of sugar until the last 45 minutes or so to avoid burning.

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