Barbecue is an apparatus or method for cooking meat with the use of heat and hot smoke of a fire, hot coals of charcoal, or smoking wood, electricity or even cooking gas. It has many regional variations in several parts of the world.

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Barbecue Sauce

Does barbecue sauce have gluten?

It all depends on the brand. Some do, and then you can find some without. Unfortunately, you have to check the ingredients to know.

Chicken Meat

Where was the first BBQ Chicken Pizza made?

Probably in North Carolina, but I really have no idea.

Food & Cooking

How long do you have to soak a cedar plank for?

About two hours minimum for smoking. Scratch the wood with your thumbnail. If you see dry, it not soaked long enough.


Is it safe to BBQ in aluminium foil?

It is done all the time! You do want to avoid too high a heat, it will cause the aluminum foil to break down. And acidic foods are not good to cook in aluminum of any sort such as foil or pots and pans.

Building and Carpentry

Where can you find diagrams or plans to build a face brick braai in a lapa?

That sounds like the kind of thing most people want to do from their imaginations and according to the shape/design of the lapa. I've done 3 in the past few years and people loved every one. As long as you understand basic bricklaying, you don't need plans, but if you feel really empty of ideas ,there's a series of books called 'The Sunset Publications' that has lots of ideas for things like that. Most large libraries (or used bookstores) have them .

Chicken Meat

How many calories in a BBQ chicken thigh?

depends on the sauce you use and the size of the piece you eat.


Why can you smell the aroma of barbecue in your neighbors yard?

If they are barbecuing, the aroma carries over in the air. If they are not currently barbecuing, they probably recently had a barbecue and the aroma is coming from their grill.


What wine to serve with barbecue pork?

A rich, full-bodied red wine is best with barbecued pork because it can "stand up" to the strong flavors in the pork.


Where can you find barbecue pit designs?

Search on google for sure, I tried the cuban-christmas site for a pig roast and it worked out incredible. You could also take a look on Pinterest, as there are many boards that focus on barbecue designs.


How do you make Goodwood Barbecue restaurant potato salad?

sorry restaurants are not allowed to give their recipes to anyone


What language does the word barbecue come from?

It comes from the old days

WWE World Wrestling Entertainment

Does Wal-Mart sell JR's BBQ sauce?

No, only WWE Shop sells J.R.'s BBQ sauce.


Do all black people have a secret sauce when they have a BBQ?

No, not all black people have a secret BBQ sauce.


Do you need lava rocks for a new propane BBQ?

You don't need them for a propane grill. I put them in though because I like the flavor it adds to what I am cooking.

Barbecue Sauce

Can dogs eat barbecue sauce?

It is not very good to feed dogs human foods because sometimes it makes them very sick, so that answers your question NO!

NO NO NO NO!!!!! YOU SHOULD NOT!!!!!!! ANY HUMAN FOOD IS BAD FOR DOGS ESPECIALLY GRAPES AND CHOCOLATE!!!!! you can give them peanut butter to help them swallow pills if they are sick tho...

You should not give ANY animal ,wild or domesticated, HUMAN FOOD!!!!!

They CAN eat barbecue sauce, BUT that DOESN'T mean it's good for them!!!!

Word and Phrase Origins
Rhetorical Questions

Would the barbecue of the mice become the mice's barbecue?

Yes, no cats allowed.

Building and Carpentry

Where can you find plans to build a Lapa?

A lapa is a thatched outdoor entertainment area, of African origin. All the sides are usually open and the support poles are round wooden poles. WRT finding plans, there are companies who sell them over the internet. Search for "lapa plans"

AnswerThere is a site called builditall that sells a number of lapa designs and books/software that will help in the design, material lists, costings and construction of building your lapa.

What smells are there when the blitz was around?

It kinda smelt like BBQ Sauce. My Teacher brough in a sample which she got from the war shop!

Food Spoilage
Barbecue Sauce

How long does barbecue sauce stay fresh?

This product can last a while. If still in store bottle or jar, it will last about 2 to 3 weeks. You can freeze this product. Put it in an air tight container to freeze. It will last about 4 months in the freezer.


What does bbq or BBQ mean?

BBQ stands for Barbecue or Bar-Be-Que: It means cooking over a open fire or grill, usually outdoors in the summertime.

In the Southern US, it's called "'cuein", as in "When you gonna be 'cuein agin?"

Homer Simpson calls it "Barbly-cue", a play on "Bubbly 'cue", probably because the sauce is sometimes bubbling on the surface of the meat when it is served.

There are BBQ-flavored chips and BBQ sauce.

BBQ sauce can be used as a coating for baked beef, pork, goat, chicken, turkey, or fish -it's heavenly-

Some folks use it as dipping sauce for breaded chicken fingers.


Where can you buy Jim Ross's famous BBQ sauce?

See the related link below for JR's Store website where you can purchase his products. You might also find it on Ebay.


Is aluminum foil dangerous to cook in a barbecue?

No, but it lacks flavor.

Business & Finance

How many barbecue brands are there?

Hundreds if you include the boutique variety.

Conditions and Diseases
Muscular System

What could cause muscle spasms in the throat?

This is sometimes a symptomatic characteristic of an allergic reaction to some food-stuffs,can also be prevalent in the event of a stroke and/or panic attacks.

It can also indicate asthma. Or the more serious conditions called COPD.

And, in some people with chronic conditions of various parts of the nervous-system, it can be set off by anything that causes muscle spasms (in both smooth and striated muscles), including certain medications (such as stimulants or even narcotics) and dehydration.

Some types of convulsive seizures include this type of spasm.

The drug Flexeril is a good treatment for striated muscle spasms. Often the most severe throat spasms include neck tightness as well as internal spasms. Spasm of the voice box (laryngospasm) can cause dysphonia (distorted voice), and spasms of the esophagus can accompany acid reflux and hiatal hernia. Hyoscyamine or Levbid is sometimes given for these, but Librax may be better for some people.


How do you find plans for a brick braai?

For a brick barbecue it is best to sit with pen and paper and plan your own customized theory that will please your own functionality expectations.-- you just need to know what size bricks you will be using and the type of design you want - to know how many bricks you will need for any given specification; keeping in mind that you will want to stagger your corners with half pieces for that interlocking look.


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