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The benefits of a solar pool heater are a much lower electricity bill, a quieter heating system, and an eco-friendly alternative to traditional Pool Heating systems.


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locate pool in sunny area, use a solar water heater, solar pool cover, pool heater or enclosed sun room

Your pool pump needs to be pushing the water through your solar system

I always left the solar cover on the pool except when I was swimming in it. The solar cover provided enough heat so I did not need to turn on my heater. If the heater pushes the solar cover aside, remove the solar cover from that part of the pool.

With a gas heater or solar or both and/or a solar cover or blanket. But I am assuming that you mean an above ground pool ~ then use the latter (solar blanket) .

Pool temperatures can be increased by installing a pool heater. They can also be raised by using a solar blanket.

no u cant cause it might break the heater.

The best pool heater depends on what kind of heater you want for your pool. There are solar heaters, gas heaters, and pump heaters. The up and coming heaters are of the solar variety and they are currently the best out there. They are low maintenance, save you energy costs, and last for a long time.

Solar pool blankets are used to cover the swimming pool. The benefits of using solar pool blankets include passive heating, reducing chemical consumption, saving energy and money.

Solar by far, especially in Florida. A Solar Pool heater can allow you to swim all year long for FREE.

A solar pool cover will help raise your pool water to a higher temperature during the day when the sun is out. At night it will help hold some of the heat in the pool water that is normally lost when outside temperatures drop. Overall, this will reduce the amount of energy you use to heat your pool water, lowering your cost of pool ownership. If you don't have a pool water heater, it will help to heat your pool above the temperature it would normally reach on a warm day. A fringe benefit is that the cover will also help keep the pool water clean, preventing some dirt / debris from entering the pool. There many great reasons to use a solar pool cover. It can reduce stress on the pool heater, It can keep more heat in the pool, especially when the sunsets at night.

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If you want instant heat get a pool heater but if you are looking for something more economical then use solar panels.

Solar pool covers offer many benefits, primarily the ability to prevent pools from being polluted with outside items as well as collecting electricity through solar energy.

Use a bubble type solar blanket or cover.

Ideally within 15 feet to minimize heat lose from the pipes.

You have a few options. If the pool is above ground and it's in the sunlight you may be able to get away with a "solar" cover which will work okay. If the pool is in-ground or if you really need some heat, I'd suggest you try a solar collector network on the roof - a pump pushes the water through the collectors causing cold pool water to run across the hot surface and then return to the pool. Solar covers are used to retain the heat your swimming pool gains from the sun if you do not have a heater. If your pool temperature is too cold, a solar cover is necessary to retain the heat the pool gains during the day and prevent heat loss overnight. If you find that the sun alone isn't heating your pool well enough, there are many heater manufacturers you can choose from. The heater best suited to your needs will depend on whether your pool is in-ground or above ground and your flow rate. The power of heater that you need will be directly proportionate to the volume of water you are heating. If your pool is an Intex type splasher pool (above-ground) and your flow rate is very low, I would recommend an Elecro heater. For more information, visit

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With a thermostatically controlled gas heater. Solar heaters are also used for pools.

Thermal pool covers prevent water from evaporating. They help in locking the heat in the pool. So, the water stays hot for longer time. Unlike regular pool covers, thermal pool covers are made of special thermoplastic material, which attracts sun rays. So, the cover functions as solar heater and warms up the water using natural solar energy. So, thought you spend a little more for thermal pool covers, they help in saving electricity and water bills in the long run.

The heater will not operate if the pump is not on.

No because the waterbed heater is not meant to get wet and can cause an electrical shock; also it could get hot enough to melt the vinyl of the pool liner. The waterbed heater most likely has a warning on it to not get it wet. If you want an electric heater for your pool you will need to buy one. Solar covers work well to prevent heat loss through evaporation.

yes. Personally, I just use a solar cover, but the people who owned it before me used a heater.

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