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Well,if you like drawing ,and you're good at it,you can use it too. Some Jpanese artist earn so mouch mony from their comics/mangas.It depends on the series' popularity.The benefits,well,first,you do what you do because you like it,you don't have to depend on anyone,and you can easy earn money from a doujin book ,for example.

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Does Japanese manga artist Hiroyuki Takei answer his letters?

Is there really any true anwser?

What education do you need to become a manga artist?

You dont necessarily need any education to become a manga artist but it helps to have a certain understanding of drawing. (Doing Art in primary school, secondary school and sometimes college.)

Is ash going to be in the black butler manga?

As of now there have been no signs for any plans for Ash being in the Manga.

Why didn't Hitler finish accomplishing his goal of being an artist?

Because he didn't have any talent for being an artist.

What a bisexual manga called?

There isn't any Bisexual manga as of yet. Closest is Yaoi which of often depicts the guys as being bi.

Are there any colleges for anime in the us?

There are no colleges that support anime. However, if you are referring to becoming an anime/manga artist, there are art schools that support that.

Do you get paid being a artist?

Depends on what you do, if you're good at it, and if someone else is interested in what you do enough to pay for it. Being an artist by itself won't earn you any money.

Are There Any Benefits For Being A Tattoo Artist?

You should only become a tattooist if you have a passion for it Lots of money Improving your art/skills Meeting people, learning things/stories Possibly becoming infamous

What are normal job benefits of being a computer engineer?

there isn't any

Are there any American mangaka working for Tokyopop?

There are several American manga ka currently being published by Tokyopop

Is there an anime of psyren?

I'm presuming you mean Psyren - the shonen manga by Toshiaki Iwashiro. In which case, there currently isn't an Anime adaptation of the manga, nor is there any news on one being made.

Where you can read the manga I My Me Strawberry Eggs?

Any online manga source such as MangaFox.

Where could one read Manga online for free?

Manga Fox is a website with free manga to read online. You can also read at Unix Manga, Manga Volume and Any Manga if you would prefer alternative sites.

What software applications can Manga Studio be used for?

The Manga Studio is a software application, which conveniently allows people to sketch and ink out their manga's through a computer. This means anyone can start off their career as a manga artist, without any specific equipment's, such as G pen or manga paper. The official website 'Manga Studio', provides tutorials and also offer a 30 day free trial. This program is compatible with both Mac and Windows. However, there are variants of the 'Manga Studio' program, for instance 'Manga Studio Debut' and 'Manga Studio EX'. Debut is more suitable for beginners, whereas EX version is for experts or professionals.

Where can you buy manga in the US?

To can always find Manga in any near bookstore where you live at. There is a wide selection of Manga at Border's Express, Barnes And Noble, and any comic bookshop. And you can always order Manga online at Ebay or or Robert's Anime Corner store, or any website that sells anime merchandise aswell as Manga.

What qualifications does being an artist take?

There are no absolute qualifications required to call yourself an artist. Art, and being an artist, is entirely subjective. This means someone could identify as an artist, and publicly put themselves out there as an artist, without taking any classes or getting any degrees. However, within society, it is expected that if you call yourself an artist, you contribute to the Arts in some way. Contributions could includes writing, sculpture, painting, dance and much more.

You lived out of wedlock for 13 years Can you collect any benefits from him?

I lived out of wedlock for 13 years with a man that belonged to the US army. Can I collect any benefits for being his partner

Does japan accept American manga?

no they do not accept American manga because of The FACT that we do not have hardly any American based manga writers

Is there any manga with shy girls?

There is a manga called Koko ni iru yo

Watch naruto movie 4 in manga?

well, naruto movie 4 might be ani-manga. ani-manga may be even better than manga for its color because manga doesn't even have any color. so watch out for it! well, naruto movie 4 might be ani-manga. ani-manga may be even better than manga for its color because manga doesn't even have any color. so watch out for it!

Did M.C. Escher have any career before being an artist?

No he did not. He became an artist while in college and did that for all of his life. He was supported by his family and some patrons.

Is there any manga of cloud and aerith?

If you include the manga Kingdom Hearts on one then yea

Why is the world of quest manga for all ages?

because anyone can read manga at any age

Where to go to become a manga artist in Utah?

to a book store, there are a lot of manga "teach-your-self" books that are easy and fun. that's how i learned. it takes up to half an hour before you get the han of it. ask if you need any tips :-)-lone wolfp.s. tell me how your doin on the drawing after you start learning

Where can you get a manga?

its not "a manga" its just manga. and when i ever feel like reading manga i usually go buy the one i want in borders or walden books. any major book store should do.

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