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I know it can help with digestion. I think it does other things, too, but I'm not sure what. It is said to help stabilize the blood sugars in diabetics, but the diabetic should always discuss this method with their doctor first.

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โˆ™ 2007-03-22 13:28:30
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Q: What are the benefits of drinking vinegar with water?
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Are there benefits to drinking vinegar water?


What are the benefits from drinking vinger?

There are many benefits for drinking vinegar. Mostly I know that apple cider vinegar is used for weight loss and curing hiccups.

Does drinking water clean your system?

No but drinking water with vinegar can help clean out your system.

Are there health benefits to drinking vinegar?

Answer#1No, unless you count enamel erosion as a benefit.

Does drinking vinegar an water stop your period?

No. Please go learn some basic biology, drinking vinegar/water will have no effect on your menstrual cycle whatsoever

What are the benefits of drinking Jana Water?

Benefits of drinking Jana Water are the same as drinking regular water, Jana Water is just a brand name. It keeps you hydrated and is good for the skin.

What are the medical benefits of adding peroxide to your drinking water do for the human body?

what are the medical benefits of adding peroxide to your drinking water?

Is drinking amounts of vinegar a day a good way to lose weight?

Though vinegar does claim to have some good health benefits, there is no scientific proof that drinking any amount of vinegar a day is a good way to lose weight.

Benefits of drinking water systems?

I keep receiving ads for drinking water systems. Are they really worth the money? What are the benefits of getting one?

Will drinking apple cider vinegar in juice help you to lose weight?

No drinking apple cider vinegar in juice will not help u loose weight because vinegar has fat in it and apple cider has sugar in it try drinking water

What are the health benefits of Drinking water?

cleans kidneys

What are the benefits of drinking lukewarm water?

The benefits of drinking lukewarm water is that your body doesn't have to cool the water from hot water or warm up the water from cold water. This saves energy and does not put stress on your body.

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