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Sky boxes allow you to see better, however they are normally more expensive, and sometimes they are reserved so you cannot get in even if you can afford tickets.

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The Sky+ box is similar to a digital video recorder, or DVR. The benefits are being able to pause live TV, rewind live TV and also record television shows.

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Q: What are the benefits of having a Sky Plus Box?
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What is difference between sky plus and sky plus a grade?

A Grade sky plus is a reconditioned/repaired box........ .....Sky plus is a brand new box.

Is the sky plus box the same as the sky plus HD box?

In a short answer; yes! A sky plus HD box is sky plus, but has the ability to view HD content from Sky. Typically the Sky+ HD boxes have a bigger hard drive as HD content uses lots of disk space.

Can you record sky box office on sky plus?


What services require Sky Plus Box?


When did the sky plus box go on sale?

The Sky+ box went on sale in September 2001.

Can a person pause and rewind live TV with a Sky Plus Box?

Yes, you can pause and rewind live tv with a Sky Plus Box. Sky Plus is available in the United Kingdom and was launched in September of 2001. Sky Plus headquarters are located in London, England.

If you buy a sky hd box not from sky will your sky plus card work in it?


Is sky plus better than sky standard box?

Yes definitely. Sky Plus Box with features like tv recording for 40 hours, pause and rewind live tv. With the sky plus one can record programmes even if you are out of your house, via the remote record feature. For more detailed features of sky plus box visit

Where can one purchase a Sky Plus box?

A Sky Plus box is a PVR (personal video recorder). This box can be purchased at a local electronics store or you can find them online on electronics websites.

How can TV picture improve using the sky plus box?

The sky plus box provides digital signal, so the image quality is good. Combining the sky plus box with a HD box though, can provide enhanced quality image, if the television device can display in HD. A HDMI cable would be also required.

What is a Sky Plus Box and when would I use one?

Sky Plus Box is a satellite box to receive high definition shows. This box is used in the United kingdom and you can see what programs will be showing up to seven days in advance.

Can you get the channel CW on the Sky plus box?