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Yes, you can pause and rewind live tv with a Sky Plus Box. Sky Plus is available in the United Kingdom and was launched in September of 2001. Sky Plus headquarters are located in London, England.

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Q: Can a person pause and rewind live TV with a Sky Plus Box?
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What is a sky plus remote used for?

Sky plus remote control is very similar to DVR or the popular TiVo service. It allows the user to record, pause and rewind live TV. Sky plus remote control also comes with an ample amount of storage and an HDMI output.

Can you pause and rewind on live stream YouTube?

A DVR records in real-time, which means it records as you watch any channel on your television. This real-time recording allows you to pause or rewind your program at anytime. If you hit pause during a live show, for example, it continues recording the program as it progresses. When you hit play, you'll watch a recording of the show, starting where you left off and continue until it is over. With some DVRs, like TiVo, you can pause live television for up to an hour. If you need to pause longer than the pre-set amount of time, most suggest stopping the pause and record the rest of your program. Some DVRs even allow you to rewind live TV (some DVRs have limitations for how long you can rewind). Most DVRs will allow you to rewind up to pre-set amount of minutes. Like the pause feature, if you need to rewind more than the pre-set amount, they suggest recording and viewing the program later.

What is Tivo?

Tivo is when you can fast-forward, rewind, and even pause live television. I believe you can get it with any cable company.

What is the difference in a sky plus remote and a regular sky remote?

Sky Plus is a video recording service for Sky. It is similar to the service that TiVo offers. It lets you pause, record, and rewind live TV, using a hard drive inside it.

Do you think that it would be feasible for your family to have a sky plus box?

Yes, my family owns a Sky Plus box. We love it and it was very easy to obtain and use. It records all our favorite shows we are forced to miss. You can even pause and rewind live programming !

Is sky plus better than sky standard box?

Yes definitely. Sky Plus Box with features like tv recording for 40 hours, pause and rewind live tv. With the sky plus one can record programmes even if you are out of your house, via the remote record feature. For more detailed features of sky plus box visit

How long can you use live pause on sky plus?

Max is half an hour!

What is a sky plus box used for?

A sky+ box is a sky box but has the ability to pause, record and rewind live TV. With a sky+ box you can easily set programmes to record. You may also use the "series link" button which will automatically record the entire series (when the programme is aired).

What function does a sky plus remote perform?

Sky+, or Sky Plus, is a personal video recorder (PVR) service for Sky. It is very similar - in principle - to the TiVo service. Launched in September 2001, Sky+ allows the user to record, pause and instantly rewind live TV. The system performs these functions using an internal hard drive inside the Sky

What are the benefits of having a Sky Plus Box?

Sky boxes allow you to see better, however they are normally more expensive, and sometimes they are reserved so you cannot get in even if you can afford tickets.

How do you use a sky plus remote control?

Select a channel on your TV. Direct the Sky+ remote from the TV and the TV button. Press and hold until a red light at the top of the remote blinks twice. Put in the 4 numbers from the Sky+ and afterwards press the Select. There should be a red light that flashes twice. Codes can be found online at the Sky Remote TV Code Checker.

Does the DirecTV DVR come with their basic package or is it purchased separately?

The DirecTV DVR service is a feature of DirecTV. This offers the ability to pause and rewind live TV. It is also possible to record an entire season of a television show.