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Trees help to reduce global warming by 'cleaning the air'.

Here's how: * A gas that helps to cause global warming is carbon dioxide. * Trees 'breathe' just like we do except when they breathe they take in carbon dioxide not oxygen. * When a tree breathes out it breathes out oxygen. * This is then breathed in by a human. * Carbon dioxide is breathed out the the human... * ...and breathed in by the tree... * This carries on continuously.

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2009-03-14 12:43:48
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Q: What are the benefits of planting trees?
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What is a list of the benefits of planting trees?

There are many benefits associated with planting trees. Among the benefits is more oxygen for the earth and future habitats for wildlife.

Benefits of planting trees?

some of the benefits of planting trees include: better views/blocking out ugly scenery provides the oxygen we breathe food for animals shealter for animals use for wood eg tables

What are the benefits of reforestation?

reforestation is very beneficail! it means by planting more trees you are able to reduce carbon emmisions as trees breath in carbon.

How can planting fruit trees help of augment the family income?

Benefits derived from planting trees and fruit-bearing trees to families and communities•Trees are valuable to the family and the community for the products and amenities they give such as:•food like fruits, vegetables, nuts, and sugar•wood used as fuel for cooking and heating•construction materials which include ...

How do you show trees you appreciate them?

by planting more trees

How do you conserve trees?

by not cutting more trees.. by planting more trees

Will planting trees in the desert by the millions change the climate there?

No, planting trees will not change the climate. The majority of the trees would not survive without water.

How can you reduce landslides and mudslides?

planting trees and encourage everyone to minimize cutting of trees and promote tree planting.

How can you help the enviorment?

by planting trees

How do you control land?

By planting trees

What is planting trees where forests were?


What is the term used for planting trees along the highway?

planting of trees along the roadside is termed as arboriculture in scientific language

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