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Cobra venom has been used for many years in medical research because it has an enzyme, lecithinase, that dissolves cell walls as well as membranes surrounding viruses.

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these rattlesnakes eat rats,mice and things that they find in ground or on surface,they also bite human beings

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Q: What are the benefits of snake venom?
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How is snake venom useful?

Snake venom is collected for use as antivenin.antivenin counteracts the effects of a snake bite. it is weird that they use venom to treat venom but they do.

What is chemical formula of snake venom?

there is no chmeical formula in the snake venom.

Is snake venom production is profitable?

There is a tiny market for snake venom.

Is a lamb immune to snake venom?

No, sheep are not immune to snake venom.

What is the difference between poisounus snake and impoisonus snake?

A poisonous snake has venom glands in which it can inject venom when it bites. A non- poisonous snake has no venom glands and will not inject venom , but they can have harmful bacteria in their mouth.

When a snake bites and the venom spreads when the snake eats does the venom kill the snake?

No, because, actually, the snakes' venom is its' saliva (spit). -no kidding! And the species of snake is immune to its own venom. Hope this helps as well.

Is there a drug made from snake venom?

Snake venom is modified saliva - produced in two 'venom sacs' in the snakes head.

How does snake eat their prey with venom in them?

Eating the venom is not a problem . . . the trouble starts when the venom enters the bloodstream via a snake bite.

How many type of snake venom?

There are three type of snake venom such as neurotoxic,hemotoxic and myotoxic.

Will a snake die from a platypus's venom?

Platypus venom would certainly be enough to kill a snake - but the snake could well inject its own venom in the platypus at the same time.

What percent of snake venom is protein?

Average protein estimation in snake venom is from 49.8 to 96.4% . the age of the snake may affect the percentage of protein content found in the venom

How do you get posion out of a snake?

IF you mean how do you remove the venom from a snake - you CAN'T ! The venom is manufactured in the snake's body, and stored in venom sacs. The venom usually begins the digestion process and the snake NEEDS it. Removing the venom sacs (and fangs) of venomous snakes is equivalent to a surgeon removing your teeth and stomach !