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TU Delft, Netherlands

Berlage Institude, Netherlands

Architectural Association, UK

Bartlett, UK

ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Barcelona Institute of Architecture, Spain

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After extensive research on my part, as I was wondering the same thing.

Architects seem to agree that the Architectural Association is the best place

in the world to study architecture...

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I think the best University in Europe is ''Oxford University''

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Q: What are the best architecture design schools in Europe?
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What schools are the best graphic design undergraduate schools in Europe?

The Basel School of Design, Switzerland

What are the best architecture design schools in Germany?

Germany has some great architecture that you can enjoy and going to school there is a good idea. You can look up a list of available schools and check them out.

What is a reputable online school for architectural design?

Kansas State University has excellent programs for architecture and design. They offer bachelor's and master's degrees in architecture, interior architecture, and landscape architecture. A search online for reputable online school for architectural design could bring me some good results; Kansas State University's College of Architecture and Design- K-State College of Architecture, Planning and Design has academic programs that are ranked among the best. A visit and sear in this link shall provide you an insight into the details of architectural design schools in USA-

What schools provide the best architecture courses?

The first thing to do would be to decide what type of architecture program you would want to take. A few places to look at would be: NewSchool of Architecture and Design, Manchester School of Architecture, Cambridge, FEAC, Academic of the Arts.

What are the best architecture university in Europe?

best architecture universitybest architecture school is the DARCH ETH in Zürich, Switzerland

Which is the best college for architecture design in Netherland?

Both TU Delft, Netherlands and the Berlage Institude, Netherlands are touted as being top notch schools.

The innovative architecture of Medieval Europe is best reflected in what type of structure?

Churches are illustrative of the innovative architecture of medieval Europe.

What state has the best game design schools?

The States that have the best game design schools are: California, New York, Texas, Florida, Virginia, and Massachusetts. California has the best game design schools, however.

Where can the best tessellation design be found?

Probably in Islamic architecture.

Is Architecture part of the state side at Cornell University?

of course! Cornell ranks No. 1 in the U.S. Best Undergraduate Architecture Schools Ranking and No.6 in U.S. Best Graduate Architecture Schools Ranking! really competitive and hard to get into both programs

What type of structure is best reflected in the architecture of Medieval Europe?


What is the best country in architecture interior design?

French Design to me is the best design in the world