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What are the best books on the Third Reich and Hitler?

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July 17, 2015 5:28PM

I recommend by Alan Bullock

The best books are The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich by William Shirer, Hitler the missing years by Ernst Hanfstaengl, At Hitler's Side by Nicholaus von Below,Inside the Third Reich by Albert Speer, Berlin Diary by William Shirer, I knew Hitler by Kurk Ludecke. Also any of the Time Life Third Reich books. The Hanfstaengl book in great because he is the only one who gives us a glimpse of Hitler's early years. Berlin Diary is great because Shirer was around so many top Nazis in the early years and has great discriptions of life in Nazi Germany before the war. Speer's book give you an inside look at people and events from first to last. To Temper your reading, read the Bravest Battle about the Jewish fight against the Nazis in the Warsaw ghetto and how brave they were in fighting and dying againt their Nazi foes.

Be careful of relying too much on Shirer's testimony. He experienced the Third Reich at first hand - this makes him a great witness and source of evidence but not necessarily a great historian!

Bullock's "A Study in Tyranny" is still regarded as a definite piece (and is highly readable).

Any book by Laurence Rees, he writes in every day language and does not over complicate the issues