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I recommend by Alan Bullock

The best books are The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich by William Shirer, Hitler the missing years by Ernst Hanfstaengl, At Hitler's Side by Nicholaus von Below,Inside the Third Reich by Albert Speer, Berlin Diary by William Shirer, I knew Hitler by Kurk Ludecke. Also any of the Time Life Third Reich books. The Hanfstaengl book in great because he is the only one who gives us a glimpse of Hitler's early years. Berlin Diary is great because Shirer was around so many top Nazis in the early years and has great discriptions of life in Nazi Germany before the war. Speer's book give you an inside look at people and events from first to last. To Temper your reading, read the Bravest Battle about the Jewish fight against the Nazis in the Warsaw ghetto and how brave they were in fighting and dying againt their Nazi foes.

Be careful of relying too much on Shirer's testimony. He experienced the Third Reich at first hand - this makes him a great witness and source of evidence but not necessarily a great historian!

Bullock's "A Study in Tyranny" is still regarded as a definite piece (and is highly readable).

Any book by Laurence Rees, he writes in every day language and does not over complicate the issues

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What famous person was the allusion ''The Third Reich''referred from?

hitler is the best

This person performance at the 1936 summer Olympic Games made him famous?

Jesse Owens. He was an African American, and his performance was an embarrassment more so to Adolf Hitler, than the German people. At that time, Adolf Hitler was trying to convince the world that the German people were the master race, and to have an African American beat the best in the world, didn't help the cause of the third Reich.

Did Adolf Hitler hate christians?

Hitler was a baptized christian but he did his best to destroy it. Much has been made of the fact that Adolf Hitler spoke of "God" in his writings. But what kind of god did Hitler believe in? Certainly not the God revealed in Jesus Christ. He believed rather ala Hegel in the divinization of the State, the People, the Reich. And, as the soul and very personification of the Reich, this meant that Hitler believed he was himself indistinguishable from god and in this was like Caligula and the other ancient emperors of Rome, whose pagan brutality he so admired. Hitler was't a proper christian, He along many Germans were Nazi Christians ad Hitler was their god.

What is the Point of View of Pretties by Scott Westerfeld?

Third person. I don't usually read third person books, but these are the best!

What is a good book to read from the start of World War 2 to finish?

Rise and Fall of the Third Reich by William L. Shirer is the best book about World War II Germany.

What are the best books about Hitler holocoust aryan race and experiments made by Joseph mengele?

The best book about Hitler, the Holocaust, the Aryan race and experiments made by Joseph Mengele is "Children of the Flames: Dr. Josef Mengele and the Untold Story of the Twins of Auschwitz".

What are some of the best books ever written?

Everyone has different taste. Dune by Frank Herbert is one of the most read science fiction stories of all time. Much better than the movies. Anne McCaffrey's Pern books are very entertaining. Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is a great book. For nonfiction, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich is one of the most detailed book of World War II.

Why did Hitler think He could defeat the Russians during World war 2?

After Hitler defeated France, Poland, Czechoslovakia, and the rest of continental Europe without hardly having to work up a sweat, it seems that nobody could stop him. The German military was the best armed, best disciplined, and most feared military on Earth. It seemed reasonable to expect that Russia would not be much more of a problem than any of the other nations which had already proved to be no match for the Third Reich. Of course, Russia is tremendously larger than any of those other countries, which is what Hitler failed to adequately consider.

What are some of the best books for teenaged girls?

Anne Frank's diary, 1984, The Hobbit, the John Carter books by Burroughs, The Elric series by Michael Moorcock, Huck Finn, Slaughterhouse 5, Rise & fall of the 3d Reich, Fahrenheit 451, this Perfect Day (Levin) -that should get you started.

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Did Joseph Stalin believe that the best way to avoid a third world war was to create a new world order?

No he thought that just to prevent the third world war we should prevent the rise of another adolf hitler !

Hitler who was he?

my best friend.

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Frank Reich was with the Bills between 1985-1994. He is probably best remembered for being the Bills QB in a first round game in the 1992 AFC playoffs against the Houston Oilers. After the Oilers took at 35-3 third quarter lead, Reich lead the team back to take a 41-38 overtime victory. The 32 point second half deficit is the largest overcome in playoff history.

What nationality is Hitler?

Although Austrian by birth, Hitler is best described as a German.

Who is the best Hitler or Abbe?


Best Herbal Books?

You can find Best Herbal Books on

What are President Obama's best ideas?

he has no good ideas. they are all horrible. hes gunna start the third world war.. hes like a present day Hitler... but uglier.

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What did Hitler think of Germans?

Hitler thought of Germans as the best race there was the best out there and he thought no one could stop them as he believed that they would one day rule. these are why Germans were classed by Hitler as "the Superior race"

What has the author William Swan Sonnenschein written?

William Swan Sonnenschein has written: 'The best books' 'The best books' 'A Bibliography of Geography: Being the Sections Relating to that Subject in the Best Books and ..' -- subject(s): Accessible book 'The best books'

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No, because it failed with Hitler.

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Being Fuhrer

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Adolf Hitler

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He is the best attacker.