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Buy: Silk

Sell: Spice


Buy: Medicine

Sell: Silk


Buy: -

Sell: Medicine


Buy: Grain

Sell: -


Buy: Spice

Sell: Grain

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Q: What are the best buy and sells on skullduggery?
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golden harbor does

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if i knew do you think id b here

What do you do at Dragon Cove on skullduggery?

Buy boats with doubloons

What sells for the most on Skullduggery Island?

What I do is start at Bouffant Bay then I buy all the Medicine I can hold. Then I go to Parrot Port and sell it all for a great profit. I beat the Skullduggery Island but when I'm bored I go on poptropica and keep trading those things and so far I have 2,641,998 doubloons. =D

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you are able to buy them at dragon cove (the top left corner on the map)