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This is an interesting and complicated question. Today's au pairs are not the same group that started in the mid-80s when the first au pairs arrived in the United States. In 1986, the most common and desired au pair was from either England or Ireland. These girls spoke English very well and were able to assimilate easily into American culture. They were popular for many years until these two countries became more wealthy and jobs increased. Young women could find employment in their own country and the numbers of English and Irish au pairs dropped dramatically.

Today, the largest group of au pairs are available from Eastern Europe and Asia. Thailand is a good example - many college educated young women desire to spend a year in America before they settle into their careers. Why? Primarily to improve their English, which is usually poor. They understand that if they have good English, their job opportunities increase when they return to their homeland.

The best country today is probably Germany. German au pairs are well-educated, drive very well and speak very good English. Au pairs from Columbia are becoming more popular because most of the girls that sign up to become an au pair are educated in private schools, have cars (and thus can drive) and speak competent English. They come from middle-upper middle class, educated families and make excellent au pairs.

There are other countries that offer great au pairs and too many to list here.

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How can you find an au pair?

You should find an agent because au pairs have special employee status. Many countries have arrangements for 'cultural exchange' and au pairs fall into this category. You are not their employer although you assume some of an employers responsibilities. Likewise, the au pair assumes duties but is not technically employed.

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How much money does a nanny earn in Finland?

In international countries nannies are referred to as au pairs. In Finland a nanny or au pair averages $150 per week.

Are au pairs from Europe better then those in Asia?

While there is no way to base the quality of an au pair directly on the country she originates from, many au pair services testify to the fact that au pairs from European countries tend to do a better job and have higher expectations of themselves than those coming from other areas, including Asia.

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Are au pairs tax deductible?

Yes, au pair agency fees and stipend paid to au pairs can be claimed on US tax forms as child care tax credit.

What are the best au pair agencies for connecting au pairs to families abroad?

If you want to find an au pair or even if you are an au pair yourself, my recommendation is to try The website it's very easy to use and it will give you right the information that you need in a matter of seconds. You will see that it has 2 categories, one for au pairs and one for families and you can select the country that you need from there and see the information you need.

What is the best way to find an Au Pair or Nanny position in New York City?

To find a au pair position in NYC you must first apply with one of the 12 state department authorized au pair agencies. Au Pairs in the US must be between the ages of 18-26 and from another country.

What is the monthly salary for an au pair?

The au pair stipend is set by the US State Department. Au Pairs are to be paid a weekly stipend of $195.75 for up to 45 hours of childcare per week. In addition, au pairs are provided with free room, board and up to $500 per year in an educational allowance.

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Can an aupair living in the us renew her visa without leaving the country?

No, au pairs are not able to renew or obtain a new au pair J-1 visa while in the United Sates. If an au pair decides to participate in the extension program (stay an additional year in the US) she is able to return to her home country before her first year ends and apply for a new visa there (this must be done before the first year ends!). However there are risks involved as au pairs are not guaranteed a new visa despite having a legal sponsor in the USA.

What is an Au Pair?

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