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What are the best courses to take for college if you are interested in Business retail?


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If you are interested in business retail, college is not required. If you are interested in business management, it is wise to take a lot of different business courses like marketing and Economics as well as management classes.

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None- There are several small business that have started without the beneifit on the owner taking college courses. Think small maintenance business, or builders, electricians (tradesman). Also retail, does not necessarily need a college education- but knowledge of $$ and sales will help.

probably a retail manager or asst. manager job in a small store. i got a store manager's job with just a couple college courses in business.

Although experience is very beneficial, you need to start with a strong base. A college degree will help you get your foot in the door. Look for courses in retail management, fashion merchandising, business, and marketing.

Who on earth told you that lie?! I am about as interested in a retail career as I am interested in having all my teeth pulled for the fun of it.

You have a couple choices. You might start by taking some business management courses, human resources, communication, and maybe even a health and safety course.

There are a number of reasons you may be interested in a position with retail industries. You may want the discounts for example.

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wholesale sells to businesses, retail sells to public.

The retail business breakeven the price differently from service businesses.

On-line retail marketing is marketing targeted at individuals. On-line business or business to business (b2b) marketing is targeting businesses.

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You must study film / photography. Try a liberal arts college or comunity college that offers these courses. Some business administration should also come in handy when running your studio. I would also suggest becoming a studio assistant or intern. it is not hard getting jobs with photographer they mostly just need extra hands around on a shoot. if you watch them work and how they run their business you can learn many lessons that are not in college courses If you want to shoot retail portraits, study psychology. Another view: Most photographers are self-employed. Running a photography business is about business first, photography second. You can be the best photographer in the world, but you'll starve if you don't know how to find and retain clients in today's highly competitive marketplace.

Yes, the biggest decision that affects how retail and service businesses operate is the product retail businesses sell. However, they are both in business to maximize profit.

Yes, all business's are able to use retail software. Some business who use this technology probably are not getting everything out of their system. The business need to know everything about retail software to get everything out of the system.

There is a program out there called Downtown Market Analysis. This program will evaluate your retail business or otherwise on many different topics. For example, the overall efficiency of your business will be evaluated.

Philip Snaddon has written: 'Starting a retail business' -- subject(s): Management, Retail trade, Small business

In order to start a Retail Business, we have to follow some criteria and some restrictions, check the requirement list here

this would likely refer to the cost of your current merchandise

I am enrolled in a business course. My aunt has a retail business.

retail banking is a bank doing business with individual customers. wholesale banking is a bank doing business mostly with financial institutions.

You start a retail business by finding a source for reasonably priced merchandise that you can sell at a profit. You then need to find a place to sell the merchandise.

Bauder College in Atlanta Georgia offers courses in Fashion Merchandising. You can obtain an AA or BA degree which will open doors for you when seeking a career in the retail industry.

A business which sells something.

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