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If you are interested in business retail, college is not required. If you are interested in business management, it is wise to take a lot of different business courses like marketing and economics as well as management classes.

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Q: What are the best courses to take for college if you are interested in Business retail?
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How many years of college does it take in order to own a business?

None- There are several small business that have started without the beneifit on the owner taking college courses. Think small maintenance business, or builders, electricians (tradesman). Also retail, does not necessarily need a college education- but knowledge of $$ and sales will help.

What kind of jobs can you get with a bacholer's degree in business management?

probably a retail manager or asst. manager job in a small store. i got a store manager's job with just a couple college courses in business.

Where can one learn about retail design?

To learn about retail design you can go to college and take some courses on design. You could also get an internship and you could learn while you work.

What classes teach how to become a retailer?

Although experience is very beneficial, you need to start with a strong base. A college degree will help you get your foot in the door. Look for courses in retail management, fashion merchandising, business, and marketing.

Why are you interested in a retail career?

Who on earth told you that lie?! I am about as interested in a retail career as I am interested in having all my teeth pulled for the fun of it.

Why are you interested in a position with retail industries?

There are a number of reasons you may be interested in a position with retail industries. You may want the discounts for example.

What online retail management courses will help run a restaurant?

You have a couple choices. You might start by taking some business management courses, human resources, communication, and maybe even a health and safety course.

Detail about e-retail business model?

detail about e-retail business models

Where to get home business opportunities?

Simply find a field of business that your friend is interested in. You can open an online retail store, and have manufacturers ship you the items. I have one, and it has paid off over the years.

What is the difference between a wholesale business and a retail business?

wholesale sells to businesses, retail sells to public.

What type of business was Woolworths?

Woolworth's type of business was retail sales. For a time this retail store chain dominated the retail stores market.

Why do organizations in business retail and administration carry out induction?

why do organisation in business retail and administration carry out induction? === ===

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