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The Food Network has many online resources relating to culinary courses. These are recipes and tips on helping you cook the best you can.

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What culinary arts programs are the best?

The best culinary arts programs are the ones held in community college's. There is a wide array of culinary courses you can take a learn to cook. There are also online courses which you can consider taking if time is a issue in your case.

What do you need to do to get into a culinary arts school?

what kind of courses do you need to get into the culinary arts school

Is there an online culinary arts school for Indonesian specialty?

Yes, there are a number of online culinary arts schools, you can find one by checking on this link: http://www.distance-learning-college-guide.com/online-culinary-arts-classes.html. But I would suggest checking first if a classroom training is available near you, since culinary arts are best learnt in person. You can get a preliminary training online and then for more advanced courses, it would be better and also more valuable from employment perspective to undergo a classroom oriented training.

How long does it take to complete a Le Cordon Bleu culinary arts course?

There are anumber of courses available at Cordon Bleu. The basic culinary arts cousrse is generally completed in 15 months.

Is there an online college that offers cooking courses?

You can not earn a complete culinary arts degree through online courses. Your local college may offer some cooking classes online, but professional level culinary classes must be taken in person.

Is there a culinary arts school which allows you to take courses online?

Yes there are. www.cooking-schools.net can help you find one.

what colleges offer culinary arts courses?

Not very many colleges offer culinary arts courses, but ones that do include Paul Smith's in the Adirondacks, and SUNY Alfred. There is also the French Culinary Institute in NYC.

Where can I find a good and cheap Culinary Arts course online?

There are several culinary schools that people are able to take their educational courses online. This is just one of the many schools that offer this. culinary.kendall.edu

When can I take a culinary arts course online?

Le Cordon Bleu Accademy- the ultimate culiniary arts school offers online courses. Visit http://www.chefs.edu to get started, or to learn more.

Is there a such thing as an online culinary arts school ?

Most culinary arts educators will agree that it is simply not practical to provide professional-level culinary courses online. However, it is possible for a student with prior culinary lab experience (most often through an associate's degree) to complete their bachelor's degree online. There are also some programs that can provide cooking instruction online, although these programs are not aimed towards professional chefs.

Where can I enroll in culinary arts courses?

To find culinary art courses I suggest going on the internet and looking for nearby courses in your area. You can also check your yellowpages to find direct numbers.

I'm looking to take a culinary arts course, is there one offered near Baltimore?

Baltimore International College (BIC.edu) offers culinary arts and hospitality management courses.

What culinary arts courses are offered in my area?

Culinary arts courses can usually be found at your local technical school. Typically these will be very affordable for area residents. You can also check senior centers which sometimes offer specialty classes in all sorts of subjects. The following site is an online directory for various culinary training institutes: http://www.cookingschools.com . You may also want to check your local state and community colleges to see what courses they offer.

What chef caourses do you offer?

We at WikiAnswers answer questions, we don't give courses in the "Culinary Arts".

Are there any accredited online culinary arts school?

The are several online accredited online culinary arts school. You can check cookingschools.com to find listings of various online schools offering degree, diploma, and certificate programs.

What is the best Culinary Arts School?

The best institute for Culinary Arts is "The Arts Institute of Seattle". They are have Associate's Degree Program in Culinary Arts. Also, there 2 Institutes who provide Diploma courses in Culinary Arts: The Art Institute of Virginia Beach & The Art Institute of Washington (both are branches of The Art Institute of Atlanta). You can visit their official website artinstitutes.edu or more information.

Are there any notable culinary schools in the Sacramento, CA area?

There are notable culinary schools in the Sacramento, CA area. The two best are The International Culinary School at the Art Institute and Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts. Additionally, there are several culinary schools available online.

Another word for cooking?

Culinary Arts Culinary Arts

Historical development of culinary arts?

what are the history of culinary arts

What schools offer courses in culinary arts?

There are a huge number of schools that offer culinary arts classes in the US. To find a school in your area, check out the web site, CulinarySchools.org and search by city, state or specialty.

Does Forsyth technical Community college have culinary arts courses?

Yes, they have an introduction to culinary arts which prepare you for future food service. they teach things like sanitation, food planning and so on with hands on experience.

Which schools are the best for preparing for a career in culinary arts?

Cordnon Bleu is probably the best widely available school for the culinary arts. In the United States the absolute best is probably the Institute of Culinary Education in New York City.

Is culinary arts a collective noun?

No, the term 'culinary arts' is not a collective noun. The term 'culinary arts' is a compound noun, a word for a profession.

Where can one find information on top culinary arts schools?

Information on top culinary arts schools is available online, or through magazines such as Food & Wine and Travel & Leisure. Perhaps the best option to reduce the amount of time you have to spend on research is to ask a trusted chef, if you know any of them.

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