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Some of the best high interest checking accounts on the market right now include Consumers Credit Union in Illinois and the Jeff Davis bank in Louisiana. There is also a bank for former Boeing employees that offer this service in Washington state.

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An excellent comparison site for business savings accounts is The website also provides evaluations of economic checking and cash market accounts.

The best checking accounts have a low minimum balance and overdraft protection as well as good interest rates. Commerce bank offers pretty good checking accounts.

Hey, you tell US who's cheaest / best!

Which bank offer the best interest percentage on checking accounts?

Ally bank has some of the best money market interest return rates. Also, consider checking out their CDs. Ally's CDs also have competitive interest rates.

Interest rates for checking accounts can be obtained through individual banks and financial institutions. In many areas, the local newspaper will list current interest rates for each financial institutions weekly.

Interest rates change daily on CD's. The best place to check for updated daily interest rates is the site You can compare how these rate against Money Market Accounts as well.

All banks offer online checking accounts. Online checking accounts can also be in person accounts as well. The best bank depends on the persons personal likings.

There are many ways of earning interest, the best of which is a long term Certificate of Deposit (or CD). Other decent ways include checking and savings accounts.

Interest rates change daily among banks. To get the most current rates check

You can find the best money market accounts at You may want to check with your own bank as well as they may be able to get you a good rate.

The best place to get more information about Wachovia checking accounts is the official Wachovia website. Another good option when comparing checking accounts is to go to Wells Fargo as they can compare features of checking accounts.

TCF offers a range of options in its checking accounts including free checking and student checking accounts. Ultimately one would have to consult with a banking consultant before deciding which kind of checking account best suits their needs.

WaMu is the best provider of High Interest Rate Savings Accounts.

Bank rates vary on an almost daily basis. You can get up to date comparisions for all types of accounts at

Some of the best interest rates for savings accounts can be found online by comparing various interest rates from savings accounts that suit ones needs. Some of the accounts with higher interest rates in the U.S are Ever Bank, Ally and Barclays.

Money market interest rates vary based on the value of the money market account itself. For accounts ranging from 10 to 25 thousand dollars, the best rate is from Everbank at 1.01 percent.

You can find information for highest interest on savings accounts online at the Bankrate website. Once on the website, click on "Checking & Savings" in the top navigation menu and use the included tools on the page to find the best rates.

One can find the best interest rates on savings accounts for kids from the Money Super Market website. One can also find it from websites like Money, Money Saving Experts, Money Smart and many more.

The banks that offer the best checking accounts would be those that do not charge a fee to open the account and also do not carry a minimum balance to keep the account open.

The best checking accounts are free ones. I prefer the PNC bank program with the virtual wallet that allows you to have three separate accounts in one for maximum function.

One can compare the best interest rates on savings accounts by going to various bank review websites. They will list all the banks and their respective interest rates.

A great website to compare accounts is the Money Supermarket website. You can compare a variety of different accounts such as checking and savings accounts on the website.

The best savings accounts are the ones with the highest interest rates. Try an online bank like ING, they have low overhead and thus have much higher interest rates for accounts than traditional banks.

There are many options for savings accounts which provide different interest rates. For traditional savings accounts, online banks typically yield the best rates.