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Rio de Janeiro!

Best places to go ay night for partying are in Barra da Tijuca.

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What are the best places to go in Brazil?

According to my point of view, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Iguazu Falls and Manaus are the most popular places in Brazil. You should visit all these places if you are going to Brazil.

What are some good places to go in Brazil?

The Very Good Places To Go to In Brazil Is Praia do Forte, and Bahia Those Are Good Places To Go To To Sight See Or They Call It Wildlife Watching

Where are some fun places to go in Brazil and cuba?

Brazil Terraço Itália Bread Sugar Ipanema Beach

Does rihanna go partying?

Of course she does

What is the best way to spend Spring Break?

go partying, relax, see family, friends, take a vacation,

When is the best time to visit Brazil?

the best time to go is in the summer.

What should i do if my friends call me boring just because i do want to go out partying?

say "you're the ones who's boring" back to them and go out partying

Best place for travelers to stay in Brazil?

If you are travelleing to Brazil and looking for good places to stay there then I think you should go Beach Class Resort, Costão do Santinho, La Torre Resort and DPNY Beach Hotel which provides the best services to guests.

When is the best month to go to Brazil?

it depends what you are planning to go to Brazil for, any time of the year is great for tourism, it is just more expensive when it is the summer there (it is summer in Brazil when it is winter in the US) for example, if you are someone looking to party a lot in Brazil - the best time would be to go in February, that is when Carnaval takes place.

Where does the soul go when human body sleep?


What is the best feature of Brazil?

the best feature of brazil is definately the rio carnival millions of people go there each year to see it even from other countries.

What celebrations go on outside during the 'sphinx festival'?


What is the best site to go to in Brazil?

Most say it is the statue of Christ the Redeemer.

Where is the best place to go partying?

easily the best place in the world to party is IBIZA Spain. Imagine a sandwich of nude beaches with sexy women on top of ecstasy bread. And yes - its toasted.

What are the most popular places to go in Brazil?

Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Salvador, Ouro Preto...

What are the best places to perform at?

parks or other places where people go my name is yulma

What are the best places to go for vacation in mesopotamia?


Do they bowl in Brazil?

Yes we do. It is not a big sport like in the United States, but it is very common to find bowling places to go to.

What would 6th graders do in Brazil?

If you are in Brazil and you are a 6th grader the best thing you should do is go to the teen clubs. I am Brazilian and the teen clubs are awesome.

Why do people visit Kansas?

because it has the best places to go

What are the best places in the cook islands to go to?

aitutaki and raritonga

What are the best places to go in Europe?

Paris, Rome, Budapest

What are the best places to go to when you are on vacation in Italy?

Venus and Pisa

What is the best date to have your birthday on?

In the summer, because then you can go places.

Can you show me an acrostic poem for Brazil?

Big spacious and very exciting Rio carnivals are the best Awesome beaches and places to visit Zillions of people go there every year Intresting cultures and stuff to do Limas come from there to.