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It is illegal to work that young you must be over 15.

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Q: What are the best paying jobs for a 13-year-old in the Bronx?
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What are the best paying medical jobs?

One of the best paying medical jobs is an Anesthesiologist. Another top paying medical job is a Neurological Surgeon. A Cardiothoracic Surgeon makes a lot of money as well.

What are the best paying jobs in the world?

owning Microsoft

What is the best paying jobs for teens?

Paper round

What is a good paying job without college?

Good paying jobs without college can be found in the power plant industry where office jobs and industrial jobs are offered. You can find the best paying jobs without a degree, and with no experience.

What are the best paying sales jobs?

As far as I have heard, Car sales and direct marketing sales jobs are the best paying sales jobs. Of course real estate, insurance and other sales type fincancial jobs are good as well.

What are the best paying part time jobs in Colorado?

The purchasing clerk and the peer specialists are some of the best paying part time jobs in Colorado. They jobs pay between $11 and $18 per hour.

What are the best accounting jobs paying?

The best paying accounting jobs are the ones for very high earning companies where you are the COO. COO is the chief operating officer. This is a lucrative position.

What are the best paying jobs a person can get with a bachelor's degree?


Best paying jobs for high school students?


Are diagnostic medical sonography jobs high paying?

Diagnositc medical conography jobs are a good paying job. Sonography is one of the best-paying careers that can be pursued without a bachelor's degree.

What are the best paying part time jobs in Alabama?

garbage man

What are the best paying jobs in Louisville Kentucky?

Well Psychiatrists can make an easy $200hr with a private practice, set their own ours, and have minimal overhead. I would consider that one of the best paying jobs.

What are the best paying retail jobs?

The best paying retail jobs are those that are in high end stores and come with commission on top of a base pay. Also, car salesman make a high salary.

What are some best paying jobs in Iran?

The best paying jobs in Iran are in the business sector. Large-scale merchants, financiers, business analysts, landowners and industrialists earn the highest wages in Iran.

Where can one find out about good paying jobs at VCU?

The best paying jobs and other paying jobs at VCU can be located on VCU's direct website. Browse the Career section of the site and don't be afraid to send in a resume hardcopy to the HR's Office at the University.

What are the best or high paying jobs in Florida without college degree?

Some of the best and highest paying jobs in Florida that can be found without a college degree (such as office jobs, operator jobs, mechanical jobs, janitorial jobs, customer service jobs, etc) can be found in high paying industries where older employees are being forced to retire because of old age. More information on the best industries that are hiring replacements for the retiring baby boomers can be found by doing a Google search by copying and pasting the following into a Google search engine: "jobs in Florida without college degree" "high paying Florida jobs with no experience"

What are the Best-Paying Jobs in Mauritius?

prime minister!!!!! also orthodontists!

What is the best paying gob?

Usually the best paying jobs are in company executive positions, the medical field, law, or investment. Unfortunately for you, most of those jobs require the ability to spell three letter words correctly.

What university jobs pay the best?

The university job that pays the best is to be the provost or president of the university. Some of the other high paying jobs are coaches and other front line jobs.

What are the best paying senior care jobs in New York?

A Gerontologist is the best paying job in the care of seniors. A Gerontologist is a doctor who specializes in the care of older people.

What are some of the best paying sales jobs in the United States?

Some of the best paying sales jobs in the United States will be those of company free contractors such as being one of the following: real estate, home realtor, and land contractor.

What are the top paying jobs in California?

One of the top paying jobs is growing marijuana

What Jobs paying over 100000 a year?

i have researched the subject and created a list with some great information about the best and highest paying jobs in the U.S. market, along with specific data about the 2009 situation: good luck!

What are likely to be the best paying jobs over the next decade?

Most likely healthcare, education, trucking, and any green jobs.

What are some of the best jobs?

Some of the best jobs are Lawyer, Teachers superintendent, Doctors, Teacher, Bankers even a Movie Producer and musicians that are celebrities because these are high paying jobs but sometimes not enjoyable!