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The best schools for gifted children are the schools which challenge the child and provide a high level of stimulation for the brain.

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Q: What are the best schools for gifted children?
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Are there schools available that offer only gifted education?

The Sycamore School in Indianapolis, Indiana is a school that offers programming for gifted children. If you don't live near Indiana other types of chain schools that are well suited to a gifted child's needs are Montessori Schools and Waldorf Schools, which can be found nearly everywhere.

Is an IQ over 140 good for a 13 year old?

Arizona is one of a few states (8 total) that has a fully funded gifted program. There are only two schools in Maricopa County that offer what is called, a self-contained gifted program for exceptionally gifted children. All students (5 and older) must have an IQ of 140 or greater for acceptance into these programs. Another resource for profoundly gifted children (the best of the best) is: http:/

Where can one find schools for gifted and talented children?

Your child's (or children's) teacher(s), school counselor(s) and principal(s) can most likely help your family find a school for your gifted child(ren). Some schools probably have a costly tuition, so if price is an issue, you might be able to get assistance.

What happens to kids who are gifted but do not have an opportunity to go to a gifted school?

Some children who are gifted can not go to gifted programs for various reasons. If they can not go, they will not get challenged to their full potentials. You can ask the teacher to give the child a more challenging curriculum, transfer schools, or wait until middle school or high school for your child to get accepted into Gifted, Honors, or AP classes.

When was National Association for Gifted Children created?

National Association for Gifted Children was created in 1967.

When was The Schilling School for Gifted Children created?

The Schilling School for Gifted Children was created in 1997.

What has the author Sydney Bridges written?

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Does IDEA cover gifted children?

Yes, IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) applies to all students, including those who are gifted or talented. Schools are required to provide appropriate educational services to meet the unique needs of gifted children under the umbrella of special education services. However, the specific services provided may vary depending on the individual needs of the student.