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A great place to start the pursuit of a degree in Radiation Therapy is the community college system. Today, there are many community colleges that have cooperative programs with affiliate colleges, universities, and hospital schools in the allied health fields. Stop by your community college and ask to speak with an Enrolment Specialist and ask about any cooperative programs in Radiation Therapy. If your home county community college does not have it, check with the community colleges in neighbouring counties. You may also want to consider Nuclear Medicine Technology, or an Amplified Radiography Program. Viper1 In the UK to be a Therapeutic Radiographer you need a Bachelors degree or a Higher Level Diploma from a university. The best schools are the ones that are associated with the National Health Service, and the larger city hospitals such as London, Manchester, and Leeds. There are not many centres in the UK where you can have radiotherapy (radiation therapy) in the UK so you want to attend a university where there are large facilities at your disposal.

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What nationally recognized schools have courses in radiation therapy?

Before you even start to search for radiation school you should know that candidates with a degree in radiography (radiological imaging) can become qualified by completing a 1-year certificate program of radiation therapist. At you can find all radiation therapy schools and colleges.

Where can I find a school to get a degree in respiratory therapy?

There are several school you can go to get a degree in respiratory therapy. Millersville University is the oldest respiratory therapy schools.

What qualifications are required for jobs in Radiation Therapy?

To be able to work as a qualified radiation therapist one must graduate with either an associate's degree or a bachelor's degree in radiation therapy. One must also have a state license and certification with the ARRT if its required in your state.

What kind of experience does one need for radiation therapist jobs?

To be a radiation therapist or radiotherapist, one will need to have a degree in radiation therapy. Similarly, radiation therapists with a Master or Doctoral degree can also prescribe medication.

Where can I find an art therapy degree?

Art therapy degrees can be found in art therapy schools or any school that offers this sort of degree. One has to look through the courses offered and it will be clear if its there or not.

How can I get a physical therapy degree?

Yes of course you can get a physical therapy degree online there are a lot of trusted and good online schools for that, they offer programs such as DPT (doctor physical therapy program) and others.

are there any good schools in north carolina or florida for radiation therapy?

The University of North Carolina has a Radiation Oncology degree program. They are located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Here's the web address for detailed info:

How many Years of undergraduate or graduate schooling for Radiation Therapists?

Employers usually require applicants to complete an associate or a bachelor's degree program in radiation therapy. Individuals also may become qualified by completing an associate or a bachelor's degree program in radiography, which is the study of radiological imaging, and then by completing a 12-month certificate program in radiation therapy. If you take the associates degree, it will take approximately two years as a full-time student. If the bachelor's degree, it will take approximately four years as a full-time student.

Does the university of Arkansas have an occupational therapy program?

No it does not. The University of Central Arkansas is the only college in Arkansas with an OT masters degree. Other schools have occupational therapy assistant programs.

Can you get a major in art therapy and a minor in music therapy?

You may be able to do this, but you will not be able to practice as a music therapist. Also, you need a masters degree in art therapy to practice art therapy. I recommend talking to a professor at the schools you are looking at. They will be able to specifically advise you what to do.

Are physical therapy schools part of colleges and universities?

Yes, they are in fact part of universities and there is a long list of schools that offer degree programs in physical therapy. Ohio State University, Sacred Heart University, and Florida A&M offer such programs.

Are there accredited massage schools online?

There are several advantages of earning massage therapy degree form top accredited online university or college. Common advantages that massage therapy schools online offer are flexibility, affordability and career focused curriculum.

How many year does it take to become a occupational therapist?

Individuals pursing a career as an occupational therapist usually need to earn a master's degree in occupational therapy from an accredited college or university, which includes 6 months of supervised fieldwork.

Are there any physical therapy training programs in Florida?

There are many physical therapy schools in the United States. ... When deciding on a physical therapy school, it is important to choose a program that is accredited by ... Degree: Doctorate. Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University ...

Do therapist need a bachelor's degree?

It depends on what type of therapist you are referring to. In other words, is it in the area of mental health, physical or occupational therapy, radiation therapy, etc? Each will have requirements particular to themselves.

Does an undergrad have a degree?

Undergraduate students are those who are pursing either an associates or bachelor's degree. Graduate students are those who are pursuing either a master's or doctorate degree.

What are the best Physical Therapy schools in NY?

There are many physical therapy schools available in New York. New York University, College of Staten Island, Sage Graduate School and Nazareth College all offer programs that allow you to get a physical therapy degree. As for which one is best, I would suggest taking a tour of these different schools to see which one suits your needs.

How many years of education to become a Radiation therapist?

A bachelor's degree, associate degree, or certificate in radiation therapy generally is required. Many States require radiation therapists to be licensed, and most employers require certification. The certificate is not recommend for those not having an existing degree. The associate degree would take approximately two years to complete as a full-time student, while the bachelor's degree would take approximately four years.

what prerequisite are required for respiratory therapy program ?

Many 4 year colleges and trade schools offer an Associates degree in Respiratory therapy. Each school will have unique addmission guidelines. Depending on the program/school from which you receive the degree, you may or may not have prerequisites.

What are some good online schools to obtain an occupational therapy degree?

Well according to some schools include Adler School Of Professional Psychology and A.T. Still University of Health Sciences

What physical therapy certificate programs are available in Tennessee?

There are 10 accredited schools in the state of Tennessee that offer degrees in Physical Therapy. To become a physical therapist you must receive a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree as well as pass the state licensing test. This is usually a three year program after you complete the undergraduate degree.

Are their physical therapy schools in New york city?

Yes. For example, Columbia, NYU, Hunter and Staten Island all offer Doctor of Physical Therapy programs. Some of them, and some other schools offer physical therapy programs for practicing physical therapists to upgrade their degrees. You should go to the American Physical Therapy Association's website ( and you can search for schools all over the country. That will give you more information on what schools offer whichever degree you're looking for. Hope this helped.

Is there such thing as a physical therapy degree?

There is a degree in physical therapy. The minimum entry requirement is presently a master's degree in physical therapy. However, this may change in the near future to a doctorate.

Who will be considered an undergraduate student?

Typically, an undergraduate student is one who is pursing either an associate's or bachelor's degree.

What is the highest degree you can get in physical therapy?

Doctorate Degree