Radiation Therapy

What are the best schools for pursing a degree in Radiation Therapy?

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2008-12-05 23:58:46

A great place to start the pursuit of a degree in Radiation

Therapy is the community college system. Today, there are many

community colleges that have cooperative programs with affiliate

colleges, universities, and hospital schools in the allied health

fields. Stop by your community college and ask to speak with an

Enrolment Specialist and ask about any cooperative programs in

Radiation Therapy. If your home county community college does not

have it, check with the community colleges in neighbouring

counties. You may also want to consider Nuclear Medicine

Technology, or an Amplified Radiography Program. Viper1 In the UK

to be a Therapeutic Radiographer you need a Bachelors degree or a

Higher Level Diploma from a university. The best schools are the

ones that are associated with the National Health Service, and the

larger city hospitals such as London, Manchester, and Leeds. There

are not many centres in the UK where you can have radiotherapy

(radiation therapy) in the UK so you want to attend a university

where there are large facilities at your disposal.

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