What are the best ways to control the spread of invasive plants so they do not become weeds?


When buying plants everyone makes mistakes and even the avid gardeners. A great garden is well planned, but sometimes we see something we like and don't think of it taking over the whole garden. Sometimes it's something in the soil that suddenly shoots a plant out of control and all over the place when it should remain compact. When this happens to me I dig it up and place it in another area where it won't bother my other plants. I have a Hosta plant by my side door that is 10 feet round and 3 feet high. Today I just went out and cut some of the leaves off so the plant would get more air and although oxygen makes things grow, this method seems to make it slow down and I can control it better.

There is no way to control an invasive plant once it is established. The plant should be killed and seed should be collected and destroyed. It is best to kill invasive plants before they set seed. Some of the worlds worst invasive plants are trees like the Camphor laurel. If there is a risk that the dead tree could fall on a house or something else then a professional arborist should be hired. So obviously it is best to kill these trees before they become dangerously large. And much easier to kill them when they are very young. If they are not dangerous drill holes with an electric drill about 1cm deep 2cm's apart and as you do that poor glyphosate concentrate into the holes. do not spill the glyphosate. a proper applicator bottle should always be used when applying herbicides for the safety of the environment and the yourself, you don't want to get the stuff all over you. Also avoid buying invasive plants from a nursery, that's right your local nursery probably sells invasive weeds. further reading - why do people insist on growing weeds. conclusion for this question is- kill as many as possible never encourage anybody to ever grow these plants. Let people know that growing invasive plants is environmental vandalism and let everyone know how nasty your local exotic nursery is because, not knowing is naivity, knowing but not caring is ingnorance, but actively encouraging growing these plants is nothing short of contempt. - why do people insist on growing weeds? and enjoy life because it is to short not to. =]