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What are the bio-socio-psychological reasons behind an explosion of sexuality and perversion and does it have any relation with globalisation-population-media-parenting-future catastrophes?

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2007-09-07 06:14:42
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The sexual revolution of the 1960s and 1970s were a direct result of the years previous sexual repression. This revolution assisted the evolution of human growth from a bio-socio and psychological viewpoint.

The repucussions of which filtered through to the media and throughout the modern commercial world. Leftist groups, including religious sects have always tried to control the sexuality of other humans for centuries. Freedom of sexuality involves a freedom of mind body and soul. For the controller this spells trouble.

Perhaps the modern world has opened up issues due to this combination of sexual explosion, but perhaps the media should take responsibilty for the way in which sexuality is portrayed. Sexuality in itself is not a negative concept. When in the wrong hands, or the hands of those trying to control, it can be very negative.

The future of parenting is complex, and is continually becoming more complex in our world in relation to sex. Patience, integrity and understanding are all that is required.

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