What are the biotic factors of the desert?

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The biotic factors of the deserts are plants, animals, and bacteria.
Also abiotic sand, wind, sun, air, rock
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What is a biotic and abiotic factor for deserts?

Biotic factors include animals like camels, sand boa, scorpions, lizards, insects, coyotes, and eagles. A few plants like cactus and other species of succulent plants that are

What is the biotic factor of the Gobi Desert?

List of Abiotic Factors of the Desert Deserts are hot and dry. Some of the deserts in world are Thar desert, Sahara desert, Arabian desert, Gobi desert, Atacama, and Kalahari

What are the abiotic and biotic factors of the desert biome?

Well as you know that an Abiotic is something that is NOT living: Such as Sand, rocks,soil, etc And biotic is living... Such as rattlesnakes, Kangaroo rats, Tarantulas,spadef
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What are some biotic factors of a Savanna Desert?

There is no such thing as a 'savanna desert.' The savanna isdistinct biome and not a desert. It is a transition region betweena desert and another biome such as a forest or gr
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What are the major biotic factors in the desert?

Plants, animals, including fungi, bacteria, protists, and other organisms are the biotic factors of deserts. All living organisms are biotic factors.