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The head has eyes and antennae; behind the head you see the pronotum, or neck shield. Behind that are the elytra or shields. Under the shields you can just see the legs, they consist of parts called, from body to toes: coxa, trochanter, femur, tibia, tarsus.

If you turn a ladybird over you can see the three main body parts of all insects: head, thorax (with the legs and wings), abdomen.

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What is an metaphor for an ladybird?

this is stupid. none of them were good. and anyway, the skin of a ladybird is not red it's black the red part is its f*cking shell.

Can you think of any ladybird names?


What are some nicknames for a ladybug?

One of the names are Lady beetle and I cant remember that one. Umm I think it was Ladybird yeah Ladybird.

What part of a tree does a ladybird live in?

Branches ?

When was Ladybird Ladybird created?

Ladybird Ladybird was created in 1744.

Is it ladybird or ladybug?

The names ladybird and ladybug are interchangeable, with North Americans generally using the term ladybugs while people in the UK call them ladybirds.

What are names for ladybugs?

ladybird bettle,lady bettle,lady bug,bettle.

Does ladybird stay part of its life in water?

It depends on what kind of ladybug it is.

Latin names for lady bugs?

Coccinellidae is the Latin name for the Ladybug which is also called a Ladybird.

Is lady bird a lady bug?

Either ladybird and ladybug are two names for the same beetle.

Is a ladybird a carnivore?

No, A Ladybird Is Not A Carnivore.

How does a ladybird kill?

A Ladybird does not kill

Is there a yellow ladybird?

Yes, there is such a thing as yellow ladybird and there is also such a thing as a an orange ladybird.

What is the classification for orange ladybugs?

Harmonia axyridis is the classification for orange ladybugs. The ladybugs in question lives natively in China, Japan, Mongolia, Russia, and Taiwan. Their original bio-geography and variable color prompt such common names as Asian multicolored ladybird, Halloween ladybird, and Harlequin ladybird.

Is a ladybird a herbivore?

A. Yes, a ladybird is a herbivore

How heavy is a Ladybird?

A ladybird weighs 35mg.

Is a ladybird an insect or not?

yes a ladybird is a bug

Is a ladybird bug and a beetle the same?

refine your question do you mean is there a ladybird bug and a ladybird bettle

What are the names of each part of the human body and the definition of each?


How can you differentiate ladybird and ladybug?

There is no difference between ladybird and ladybug except the area that you live! In the English language it is called a ladybird, in the American language it is called the ladybird.

Where are the Headquarters of Ladybird Books?

The headquarters of Ladybird Books are in London, United Kingdom. They are part of the Penguin Group, but trade as their own stand-alone imprint. They primarily publish children's books.

What is the shape of a ladybird?

Round is the predominant shape of the ladybird.Specifically, the insect in question (Coccinellidaefamily) has a somewhat circular-looking body. So ladybird beetles project a rounded impression. The other predominant impression relates to the linear look of their segmented legs and thin antennae.

Is a ladybird vertebrate or invertebrate?

The ladybird or ladybug is an invertebrate.

Are ladybird invertebrates or vertebrates?

a ladybird is a invertebrate as it has no backbone.

Is a ladybird a fly?

A ladybird (Coccinellidae) is a flying beetle.