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Body parts of a mouse include skin, bones, muscles, and organs. Organs include liver, stomach, duodenum, intestines, bladder, and pancreas.

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Mice body parts?

in nature dose it live alone or in groups

What is the diffrens bitwen rats and mice?

mice are smaller in comparison to their body i think mice have longer tails

Why do mice defecate?

All animals needs food in one way or another, but not all of the food will be possible to use. The parts that are eaten but not used by the body are removed from the body as faeces and or urine

Do anyone find mouse parts in kfc food?

There are no reports of mice body parts in KFC food. However, this doesn't mean that it has never happened. This is something that could get a place shut down.

Can mice flatten there body?

Yes they can.

What kind of body covering do mice have?


How much body fat do mice have?


What are the parts of your body that defend you?

your body defends most of your parts of your body

How many body parts does a bee have?

There are 3 body parts

How many body parts does a crab have?

11 body parts

How many parts in a spider body?

They have two body parts.

How many body parts does a millipede have?

8 body parts

What parts of your body has hair?

All parts of your body can have hair!

Body Parts of a guinea pig?

they have 200 body parts

What are the Body parts of a mosquito?

The mosquito has 3 body parts.

How do you say the body parts in German?

Body parts is Koerperteile

What holds our body parts in?

Skin holds our body parts in.

The names of body parts the location of body parts and the relationship of two or more body parts all are included in?


What parts of a rattlesnake's body help it survive?

All parts of the rattlesnake's body are important to its survival. It has no unnecessary body parts.

Why do mice have short legs?

To support a small body

What parts connect the heart to other parts of the body?

it connects to the heart to the other parts of the body ...

Body parts of a chicken?

A chicken has several body parts. The body parts on a chicken are the head, neck, legs, feet, and wings.

Did Jeffrey Dahmer's have body parts in his house?

He did have many body parts in his refrigerator and a barrel of acid with some more body parts.

How many body parts does a cheetah have?

a cheetah has 3 body parts

How many body parts does an ant have?

An ant has 3 body parts

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