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What are the boonies?

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The outermost section of a city that is undeveloped and has few roads or homes.

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How do you use boonies in a sentence?

Understanding that "boonies" is a slang word, you would use it thus: "He said he lived 'at the edge of town', but when we got to his house, it wasn't at the edge of town - it was way out in the boonies".

What pets can you get on Movie Star Planet?

V.I.P Only: Dragons (Draco) & V.I.P Boonies. Anybody: Evil Boonies, Good Boonies, Dogs (pupz) & Foxes (Furball) Each Pet Is 900sc Each and you CANNOT choose the colour.

What does bfe mean?

the middle of nowhere. out in the boonies.

What rhymes wiht zumiez?


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whatis dj boonies name Dj boonies name is Robert Barneveld and the female vocalist is called Sarah Grintock

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You retard

Can you give your boonies away on Movie Star Planet?

No you can't.

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Most Daring - 2007 Loonies in the Boonies 2 7-7 was released on: USA: 21 April 2010

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No, there are some that arent vip boonies and pets

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The best answer is to go to the youtube video Bonsters and Boonies it teaches you everything

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Yes. You can walk your boonie by clicking on the dog icon on your 'What Are You Doing' speech bubble. Then you choose what pet you want to take with you. Also go on chat then pet park, thats another way. (you can walk boonies and petzpetz)

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about one dollar should get you a bagel... unless you live in the boonies;)

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Yes, they can if you don't feed them, don't wash them or do anything with them and just leave them there.

How Do You Get A Movie Star Planet Pet?

Go to the map, where it shows you where to shop, play games, chat, and watch movies, etc. Then click on where it say "Pets" on the map. You can choose between boonies, pets, zoo animals, and accessories. Because you want a pet, click on boonies or pets and choose which one you want! Easy as that.

How do you feed your boonie in Movie Star Planet?

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As you feed your pet it starts growing and clothes gets on them. Or if you play with your pet the same thing will happen.

How do you make your bonnies die on Movie Star Planet?

All you have to do is not feed the animal.... Anyways why would you want to kill your boonies. My username is Poppy0529... Need anymore help or questions just note me on moviestarplanet.

Can you give your dog afrin?

I been giving my chihuaha afrin lately, It has a chronic stuffy nose, I don't have a vet nearby, live in the boonies so I have been doing it about 2 weeks. It hasn't hurt him and clears up his nose every time

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They are all 900 StarCoins. Same with the PetPets, so if you want one now is probably a good time to start saving up! Watching and making movies is a good way to get some StarCoins. Have fun!!

Can you take zoo pet outside in Movie Star Planet?

no we cant. we can only bring boonies and pets out like at the park ,all chat rooms and games ( E.c.t.... ). i really like msp so add me my name is clochette HOPE IT HELPED YOU

How do you make a heart shaped cake?

To make a heart shaped cake you need a heart shaped baking pan. Go to Williams & Sonoma (on line if you live in the boonies) they have a variety of decorative baking pans. I am sure Walmart has special baking pans too.

What is the fastest Corvette in the world?

The fastest Corvette in the world is most likely the 2009 ZR-1.It also Could be the 1969 ZL-1 427. Both are extremely fast cars. Although this does not include someone's hot rod they built way back in the boonies, or a corvette funny car.

How can you use nuke in a sentence?

Actual comments made by some grunts while in the boonies in Vietnam, (keeping in mind that they were drafted or volunteered because they were going to be drafted-called draft induced volunteers/they didn't want the army, they didn't want the war, and they didn't want Vietnam). "...let's just nuke em and go home."

Why did lydon B Johnson order agent orange?

The boonies in Vietnam are covered with "triple canopy" jungle - the bushy parts of the plants and trees grow at three different levels. Triple canopy jungle is dangerous to fight in because it conceals the enemy so effectively. Defoliation - killing the plants that make up the jungle - was seen as necessary to protect our forces.