American Revolution

What are the boundary of the US after the Revolutionary War?


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They are the countries that flighted for there country

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All former British territories west to the Mississippi.

It led to the creation of the US. During the Revolutionary War, the US did not yet exist.

The Statue of Liberty was given to us after the Revolutionary War. The French gave it to us in 1886.

He led the US in the Revolutionary War.

The Revolutionary War.

In the Revolutionary War, the colonists were in rebellion against Britain.

The central government of the US during the Revolutionary War was the Second Continental Congress.

They did not have money because they just came out of the Revolutionary War!

Philadelphia was the capital city of the US during most of the Revolutionary War.

goerge washingtonJohn Paul Jones was the comander of the us navy in the revolutionary war

I am a fifth grader at Silver Sage Elementary. We have studied the Revolutionary War. This war is the war that gave us our freedom from the British.

After the Revolutionary War in 1776

That depends on who you are! ;)

By being brave enought to fight in the revolutionary war!

Within the US the Revolutionary War and the Civil War alone should be counted.

There have been about Americans whom served in the US military since the revolutionary war.

Lincoln had nothing to do with the Revolutionary War. It was over before he was born in 1809. He was the President of the US at the time of the Civil War.

The American Revolutionary War.

The first war the US Navy to PART in was the Revolutionary War.

The US fought the British in the American Revolutionary War and the War of 1812.

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