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- Increased catchment runoff.

- Removal of tree's and plant life.

- Sedimentation

- Flooding

- Storms, Cylones etc.

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Q: What are the causes for stream bank erosion?
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How do people causes erosion?

people cause erosion through a number of ways which include deforestation ,stream bank cultivation and cultivating on mountain slopes

What causes a mature stream to develope?

wind erosion

Where is the stream eroding the bank?

Stream Bank erosion is the wearing away of the banks of a stream or river. This is distinguished from erosion of the bed of the watercourse, which is referred to as scour. The roots of trees growing by a stream are undercut by such erosion. As the roots bind the soil tightly, they form abutments which jut out over the water. These have a significant effect upon the rate and progress of the erosion.

Which most likely causes a stream to widen?

a stream is most likely widen by erosion

What causes stream and valley erosion?

i think its the farts in this world

Does a mature stream causes erosion since it moves very slowly?

A mature stream causes more erosion than a young stream, due to the pure fact that theres more curve in a mature stream causing the sediments to shift more frequently.

What is lateral erosion?

lateral erosion is the action of making a stream wider. The hydraulic action of the current hits one side of the bank with enough energy so that the material of the eroded bank falls into the stream and disintegrates. At the same time, the stream moves outwards towards towards the direction of erosion.

What is load and how does it affect erosion?

Stream Load is the amount of material a stream can hold as it flows. As a stream flows it causes erosion, and this erosion is carried about as material in the stream. As too much is eroded, the extra material will fall to the bottom, or push it's way to the sides.

Where is erosion concentrated along meandering stream?

On the outer bank (at the tip of the meander)

How does the gradient of a stream affect how much erosion it causes?

It is because if a stream gets bigger, it is allowed to carry more sediment. More sediment means more erosion.

An area along a stream bank that helps prevent soil erosion is an example of?

a buffer zone

What is the fastest form of erosion n?

stream erosion

There can be no stream erosion or glacial erosion without?


Build a retaining wall to stop erosion along stream?

To build a retaining wall to stop erosion along a stream, you could begin by placing blocks of concrete or bricks along the base of the stream and up the bank on the side with the most erosion. Use large stones if concrete is not practical for the area. This will stop the water from removing soft sand.

An abiotic element of a watershed is?

bank erosion

What type of erosion causes a beach?

The type of erosion that causes sand is water erosion.

What affects stream erosion?

There are three factors that affect stream erosion. These are water velocity, shape, size and depth of channel, and stream capacity to transport eroded materials.

What is Stream Erosion?

Stream erosions are things that can relate to normal erosions

How can a stream cause erosion?

Little sediments are carried by the eroding stream

What is rill and gully erosion?

bank erosion

What is the relationship between stream erosion and kinetic energy?

It is direct, and the amount of stream erosion increases, kinetic energy increases also.

What are the physical causes of flooding?

Excessive rainfall, melting of glaciers, washing away and lowering of river-bank by erosion.

Is a Bed load most responsible for stream erosion?

no, suspended load is responsible for the most stream erosion10. Question:Which load is responsible for the most stream erosion?Your Answer:Bed load CORRECT ANSWER Suspended load INCORRECT Dissolved load

Where do stream channels experience the most erosion?

Stream channels experience erosion from gradients (velocity of water), soft materials, and at the outside of bends.

Explain the processes of headward erosion and stream piracy?

Headward erosion is a fluvial process of erosion that lengthens a stream, a valley or a gully at its head and also enlarges its drainage basin. The stream erodes away at the rock and soil at its headwaters in the opposite direction that it flows. Once a stream has begun to cut back, the erosion is sped up by the steep gradient the water is flowing down. As water erodes a path from its headwaters to its mouth at a standing body of water, it tries to cut an ever-shallower path. This leads to increased erosion at the steepest parts, which is headward erosion. (wikipedia)When this happens, the erosion can break through into another stream and the water from the stream is diverted. So the stream is "stealing" the other stream's water.