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== == Three types of micro organisms affect food: bacteria, moulds and yeasts. By a natural chain of events, these micro organisms will cause food to change - often, but not always, making food "bad" or unpalatable

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What microbial causes food spoilage?


What bacteria causes spoilage in food?

spoilage in canned food is caused by mesophillic bacteria like bacillus and clostridium.

How does canning food pervent food spoilage?

Canning food locks out air and seals in freshness. Air getting to the food causes spoilage.

What causes a food can to bulge?

Spoilage. Throw it away.

Which is major food spoilage or food deterioration?

food spoilage food spoilage

Why does spoilage happen on apples?

spoilage happens because when food goes bad it gets covered by bacteria which causes food to spoil and rot !!!!!!!!1

What type of fungus that causes food spoilage and sometimes cause illness?


What are Symptoms of food spoilage?

Six of food spoilage

How spoilage of land causes health hazards?

Spoilage of the land causes health hazards because it can seep into the water or food supply. This is then consumed by humans and animals which can cause a variety of problems.

How does refrigeration prevent food spoilage?

refrigiratorprevent food spoilage

Factors that affect food spoilage?

factor effecting on food spoilage

What are the food spoilage agents?

Food spoilage agents are things that makes food lose their nutritional value. Examples of the food spoilage agents include moisture and bacteria.

Chemical change in matter cause food spoilage?

There are several changes that occur that cause food spoilage. A loss of ph, spoilage caused by bacteria and decomposition are contributing factors to food spoilage.

Does a refrigerator prevent or delay the spoilage of food?

It only delays spoilage of food

What causes apple spoilage?

What causes apple spoilage is bacteria that forms on it from letting it sit in the fridge for along time.!!!!!!!:)

Example of scope and limitation in food spoilage?

example of scope and limitation in food spoilage

Food spoilage and poisoning?

discuss the difference between food poisoning and good spoilage?

What are the principles in food spoilage?

spoilage of food means deterioration to the point in which it is not edible with the action of microorganism

How does refrigeration help to prevent food spoilage?

Refrigeration does not prevent food spoilage. It slows spoilage by reducing the rate at which bacteria, yeast, and molds reproduce.

What is physical spoilage?

physical spoilage is how the food looks. it's appearance.

How do you write food spoilage report?

i wont a spoilage report formet

Why food spoilage is more in summer than in winter?

Why food spoilage is more in summer than in winter

What is the differences between food spoilage and food contamination?

spoilage is when the food is rotten < contamination when the food has an out side source touch it such as chicken touching an apple

How can you prevent spoilage?

by preventing the food item from contact of air we can prevent their spoilage.

What is poisonous spoilage?

A poisonous spoilage is a poison food that cant be eaten now