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The central philosophy of therapeutic massage is wholism. It can be defined as the belief that all parts of the body work together to allow the body to work as a whole.

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Q: What are the central philosophies of therapeutic massage practice?
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What are the principles and practices of therapeutic massage?

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Where can one go in Chicago for a therapeutic massage?

There are quite a few places that one can go get a therapeutic massage in Chicago. This includes places such as A Relaxed You Therapeutic Massage, Energize Sports Massage and many more.

When was Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage created?

Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage was created in 1997.

What is therapeutic massage?

All massage that is performed by a trained and licensed massage therapist is therapeutic. The common element in all massage is that it should feel good. This, in itself, is therapeutic because it lowers the stress response hormones and improves the functions of the immune system.

What is Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage's motto?

Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage's motto is 'Change lives. Start with Yours.'.

Therapeutic in a sentence?

A relaxing massage can be very therapeutic for a stressed individual.

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What is the most popular massage?

The most common form of massage is Swedish massage this is also called Relaxation massage or sometimes Therapeutic massage.

What is the difference between massage therapy and therapeutic massage?

There is no difference between those terms, they are referring to the same thing since all massage is therapeutic, therefore, all therapeutic massage is part of massage therapy. Other opinions: Massage Therapy is a general term for all the forms of massage available to be practiced by certified or licensed massage therapists. Therapeutic massage is a type of massage offered to those looking for health and wellness benefits. Therapeutic massage can combine many different types of massage in order to help a client with aches and pains or limited range of motion. There is a type of massage called Therapeutic Touch, which is a type of energy work that allows practitioners to sense imbalances in the body and correct them with a non-invasive touch. They will use a very light touch or hold a hand over the spot where an imbalance is sensed and will use energy to break up the blockages that may be causing chronic pain.