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Very high... I think that's the peak of fertility

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If you got your period after that, chances are you are not pregnant. Plan ahead and bring your own condoms!

None. If he was wearing a condom when he had sex with you he could not have made you pregnant. Periods can be late sometimes just through worrying about it.

The first day of your period is the important day, not the last day. If I assume that the first day of your period was around the 7th, that would mean you have pretty good chances of getting pregnant this month.

The chance is there, you could be pregnant. Go see your doctor or get a pregnancy test.

Actually you are safe after your period til seven days, your ovulation period starts at 10 days after your menstruation and in 14 days that's when you are fertile. ----so that means that if my period ended on the 24, i have until the 30th and after that i have more chance of getting pregnant?

If he was in you, you could be pregnant. Whether he ejaculated or not doesn't matter, sperm could have been present.

If your partner ejaculated once and you are ovulating, you can be pregnant, whether or not you have discharge. If you do not get your period on time, do a pregnancy test.

Congrats, you're preggo.Not very likely, but possible. You are least fertile during menstruation.

No you couldn't to get pregnant the boy would have to have ejaculated in you for you to be pregnant. but just because you have sex right after your period doesn't mean you cant get pregnant sperm stays in your body for 5 days after a boy ejaculates inside you so you should still use a condom

Yes, you could get pregnant like that. Take a pregnancy test if you miss your period. It depends on when you ovulate (release an egg) and if you do this around 12 days after your period, you could be pregnant.

Yes. Take a pregnancy test if you miss your next period.

very high she is most likely to get pregnant 14-16 days after the first day of her last period so count day one as the day she started her period then 14-16 days forward.during the 14-16 day window she is fertile

ANSWERChances of getting pregnant during period are almost zero.

It is possible that she could be pregnant. She needs to take a pregnancy test if she misses her next period

periods are a sign that you are not pregnant, yet there is a very small chance you will be pregnant from your ex. it is probly going to be your boyfriends baby. congrats

I don't think so but for the future if you don't want to be pregnant, please use a birth control method!

It is possible that she could be pregnant if you had sperm on your fingers. She should take a pregnancy test if she misses her next period

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