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Very likely that you are not pregnant.

2006-07-31 13:39:41
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Which are the dates when a women becomes pregnant?

After menses period the first week is the 100% chances to become pregnant.

Any possiblities of a girl getting pregnant if she touched her guy's penis while he had his trousers on as her menses are delayed now?

Chances are close to zero, because the guy's got his trousers on. No skin contact, no penetration, so no chances of getting pregnant. The delay in your menses is probably due to your unnecessary stress in brooding about the above-mentioned question. Chances are close to zero, because the guy's got his trousers on. No skin contact, no penetration, so no chances of getting pregnant. The delay in your menses is probably due to your unnecessary stress in brooding about the above-mentioned question.

Can a girl get pregnant 2 days before she starts menses?

If menses, means menstrating, then yes a girl can get pregnant.

Can i m pregnant because got a menses September 22nd but now October 29th but till now i didn't got menses 2 days before i test the urine test but it show negative Am i pregnant or not?

I m 24 age.four months back i got marriage.i m regular period.

Can a woman in menses get pregnant if she eats mans sperms?

if a woman in menses eats mans sperms she won't get pragnent

What are the chances of becoming pregnant at fifty?

Small possibility. Most women start their menapausal symptoms in their mid forties. Since the advent of improved nutrition and artificial light, onset of menses has moved up to as early as nine. If the onset of menses was late like 16 or 17 and you are still having menses then there is hope. Good luck Joymaker RN

Can you be pregnant if you have backaches headaches stomach disorders food cravings and sore breasts?

Yes you could be pregnant. If you have all those things happening you should have taken a pregnancy test. If negative wait a few days and retest if menses is still absent.(Reminder, it is possible to have menses and be pregnant, however such sypmtoms would usually be associated with PMS.) If still negative you should see a doctor anyway in case of ectopic pregnancy or other underlying medical issues.

Can you become pregnant with tubes tied and still have a menstrual?

Yes. Occasionally the tube may get united and you may get pregnant. As with normal pregnancy, you may have one or two menstrual flow, albeit less and less. You may stat feeling symptoms of pregnancy or else you can do pregnancy test after tenth to fifteenth day of menses to be sure that you are not pregnant, with morning urine sample. With tablets only you can get the termination of pregnancy. Chances of getting such type of pregnancy are remote.(Hope that you will not ask the question to car dealer about the chances of accident !)

What happens to the menstrual cycle if a female is pregnant?

When a female is pregnant,it depends on how her body works she could have her menses.

What are the chances of being pregnant 4 days after menses?

The "period" is the excess uterine lining and blood vessels that had developed during the month in preparation for a fertilized egg to implant sloughing off. Becoming pregnant 4 days after your last cycle is highly unlikely.

Is it safe for a pregnant Medical Assistant to take X-rays during her pregnancy?

It is totally unsafe and very dangerous. Even if you intend to become pregnant, you should go on leave from menses only. X-rays are ionizing radiations are potentially dangerous and have high chances of Fetal abnormality. Fortunately most such Embryos are probably aborted during menses only and never noted by the lady.

When your girlfriend wiped she saw blood and she is pregnant?

Probably not, sounds like menses...

Why do my breast feel heavy or full?

though i had my menses,why do i feel im pregnant?

Do you get pregnant before or after menses?

Generally speaking ovulation (fertile period) occurs two weeks before your period. The chances of pregnancy reach a maximum in the middle of the menstrual cycle, close to ovulation (if you have a 28-day menstruation cycle, the ovulation period is nearly the 14th day of the cycle. ) Cycle is counted from the first day of menses.

Are pregnancy blood test and it came negative the value is 0.00 you are expecting your menses on the 14 Dec and you did the test on the 12 Dec can the blood test reveal that you are pregnant or not?

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How many weeks are you pregnant when you miss your menses?

Depends on when you had sex. Right after the last one or later.

Is there any chance of pregnancy just after two days of menses?

Yes you can get pregnant right after your period.

9 months delayed menses?

If you are not pregnant go see a doctor since you might have a hormonal problem.

Can you get pregnant when your signs of menses have approach?

You can get pregnant between days 11-18 of your cycle if you have a 28 day cycle. Go take a sex ed class.

I haven't see my menses for 2 years now and am not pregnant and am only 28years and single?

See a doctor immediately!

When can one get pregnant after their menses?

On the link below there is a graph of the typical menstrual cycle this should be of help in answering this question.

What happens if you copulate during menses?

Usually nothing. However, in some cases, the female can get pregnant or contract an infection.

Can kids under 8 get pregnant?

Easy answer: no. Absolutely not. UNLESS the kid is one of the few (and I'm talking an extreme rarity, here) who go through menses that early. No menses, no possibility of pregnancy. If menses, then there's the possiblity—even if the girl started her period before her first birthday. Since the youngest on record was 5, it is possible for someone under 8 to get pregnant, in extremely rare circumstances that aren't likely to happen. SOURCES: Wikipedia.

Could you be pregnant if your cervix is high hard closed 4 days late on your period and a negative pregnancy test?

yes, there might not be enough hcg in your urine to produce a positive pregnancy test, wait 72 hours and take another one, if it is still negative and no menses, get in to see your doctor to find out what is causing it.

When is the more like time for a woman to get pregnancy?

If your cycle is of 28 days, then on day 14, or if cycle is of 30 days on day 16 of menses you have ovulation. If you take morning temperature on the bed only, after ovulation, there is slight rise of temperature on the after ovulation,keeping it higher till menses comes or if pregnancy results, then through out pregnancy.There are high chances of pregnancy, if there is sexual contact on the day before,(Guess work.) on the day of ovulation and next day. It may take 3 to 6 months to become pregnant but get thoroughly examined up by your Gynecologist and she is the Best Judge in individual case.