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Not likely. pregnancy requires ejaculation. There is a slight risk as a male can keep dribbling viable semen well after ejaculation. It is not a smart thing to do.

You may get pregnant if ejaculation happens while penis is inside and during the fertilization period. However, if ejaculation happens outside or a condom is used then probability of getting pregnant is almost zero.

If the condom came of but the open end of it was outside the vagina there is little or no chance of getting pregnant.

if he has aids and the condom bursts you most likely have it too. you do if it was inside of you when it bursted

If you're not using birth control, the chances are higher!

there is still a good chance. If vaginal penetration took place, (If it did not chances of being pregnant are extremely unlikely) two of my children were conceived because i didnt wear a condom and used the pulling out method. men still dribble seamen from their penis before they have full ejaculation.

Well if your boyfriend didn't ware a condom it is a 100% you will get pregnant.

Chances are almost zip. Especially with a condom. As long as he didn't ejaculate in you it's pretty much 0% even without a condom.

The only chance is precum, but if he urinated after his last ejaculation then their are no sperm cells in the precum. Chances arnt high, but you should use a condom.

Very strong. Any penis-vagina contact without use of a condom can lead to pregnancy, regardless of ejaculation. Sperm are present in the fluid preceding semen. Always, always, always use a condom. If he won't, dump him. He's not worth it.

If the guy ejaculates during intercourse, before wearing a condom & you are not on your period, then you can conceive.

Well, the chances are lower than if you just used a non-spermicidal condom that broke, however you could still get pregnant

Yes you can. Even of you don't ejaculate you can since pre-ejaculation has sperms as well.

If a man properly pulls out and away before ejaculating sperm-filled semen, the chances of pregnancy are low even without a condom. If he pulled out his condom-covered penis before ejaculation, chances of pregnancy are nearly zero. And since the hole was both tiny and half-way up the condom, the chances of pregnancy are still nearly zero since he did not ejaculate while inside the vaginal canal.

yes it is possible but probably not very likely,,the chances of getting pregnant by actual intercouse and ejaculation into the vagina can vary depending on many factors anyway. so yes ,,but i dont think it is likely

If the condom did not rip, tear, fall off or have any holes in it then there is no chance of pregnancy occuring.

As long as no semen fell out of the condom inside you, the chances are virtually nil.

There is always a chance of some sperm getting by even before ejaculation. The chance is there even though it is slim.

No. It is not a good idea to reuse a condom, even if there was no ejaculation.