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usually the acceptance percentages for medical school differ from year to year, however, you will have around a 40-50% chance of gaining acceptance. If you don't make it into an M.D. program, you should try a D.O. school (doctor of osteopathy). osteopaths can practice all the same specialties as M.D.'s, but the requirements for admission are not as stringent.

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Q: What are the chances of getting into medical school?
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Do i have a good chances of getting into medical school?

depends if they care about grammar

Can you get to medical school if your GPA is 2.0 and a MCAT score ranges from 20-30?

In order to get into medical school, your MCAT score would have to be at least a 44. That is best case scenario. WIth a 2.0 GPA, chances are EXTREMELY remote that you will be even invited for an interview. With a 2.0 GPA, the chances of getting into medical school are very unlikely. It's probably best to retake the prerequisite classes for medical school and get A's this time if you can. Scoring high on the MCAT will help, but it's no guarantee.

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Can you go to medical school after getting a bachelors in medical science?


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What is the best medical school to go to?

The "best" medical school is really a matter of opinion. Research different medical schools. Where do you want to go to school? Do you want to specialize? These are questions to ask yourself. Some medical school offer different specializations, some focus more on research while others focus more on clinicals. Also entrance requirements are a big factor. Some medical school focus more on MCAT scores, then GPA, other focus more on volunteer experience. Find a school you prefer and several alternatives. Most medical students apply to several schools to better their chances of getting accepted.

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Scott H. Plantz has written: 'Getting into medical school' -- subject(s): Medical colleges, Entrance requirements, Admissions, Admission 'Emergency Medical (National Medical)' 'Getting into medical school today' -- subject(s): Medical colleges, Admission, Entrance requirements

Do you have a good shot at getting into Medical School?

Now this all depends, if you have good grades try very hard and believe that you have what it takes, then yes you have a great shot at getting into medical school. Good luck!

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What do you do after medical school?

Is medical school a professional school?

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