What are the chances of getting pregnant if your boyfriends condom broke and he straight away took it off before he ejaculated?


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the chances are next to none, if i were you i wouldn't worry at all. don't sweat it


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no. Not unless he just ejaculated. But even then, the Chances of a girl becoming pregnant from that are astronomical

yup.broken condom means ur semen are in her vagina and there is chances that she get pregnant

If you got your period after that, chances are you are not pregnant. Plan ahead and bring your own condoms!

The chance is there, you could be pregnant. Go see your doctor or get a pregnancy test.

there really wasn't much information for an answers. but here we are: if he ejaculated inside there is a chance, if he was wearing a condom and ejaculated there is a small chance, if he didn't ejaculate there is basically no chance.

If you are just in the room or bed with the man when he ejaculates the possibility of pregnancy is 0%. The only way that a pregnancy would be possible would be if he ejaculated on your vagina. Even then the likelihood is exceedingly low.

Congrats, you're preggo.Not very likely, but possible. You are least fertile during menstruation.

Don't think so as long as the male hasn't ejaculated and the condom has ripped

None. If he was wearing a condom when he had sex with you he could not have made you pregnant. Periods can be late sometimes just through worrying about it.

Im not sure what you mean so did he ever have on a condom the first time he ejaculated de he do this inside of you. please clearfy for me so I can better answer your question

It is possible that she could be pregnant if you had sperm on your fingers. She should take a pregnancy test if she misses her next period

Call a doctor and ask for a precise answer. If you're interested in common sense, the chances are good enough that you should have demanded he use protection if you didn't want to get pregnant. If your goal was to get pregnant, carry on and quit asking questions - you're overcomplicating it and probably don't deserve to have a child.

very likely you should get a pregnancy kit and test yourself or go to a clinic. A. R.

You can get pregnant at any time and if you aren't pregnant now it's time to start practicing "safe sex" and also, use condoms as there is a high rate of sexually transmitted diseases out there.

Condoms are a good source of contraception if you use them properly, and they do not tear/break. If the condom didn't tear/break then, even if they did ejaculate inside you, there is very little chance you would get pregnant.

I think it's 20%- but I'm not sure :S

if the condom was torn and u were ovulating then ---there is a high chance u can get pregnant because u are fmost fertile on ur ovulating days.

It depends. Precum itself actually has no sperm, but it depends on when the guy last ejaculated. If it was within 72 hours of contact with his precum your possibility is higher.

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