What are the chances of getting pregnant with pre-ejaculate fluid?

Cum is not the medical term. Ejaculation or preejaculatory are ones more aplicable. Just before ejaculation occures, a gland known as Bulbourethal or Cowper's Gland secrets it's contents. This fluid neutralizes any traces of waist left in the urinary tract. Factors such as duration of forplay, individual physical makeup, and prior sexual activity have an influence on the possibility of sperm leaking into or remaining in the urinary tract. Only one sperm cell is required to fertelize one egg so it is very possible for pregnancy to occure. Sorry I can't express that in percentage. I would advise that potential parents prepare for that possibility and then enjoy their sex without sitting on neadles and pins about it. Get married, hint hint!

Hello. It is a very controversial issue whether pre-ejaculation can get a woman pregnant or not. If you did not ejaculate before the intercourse it is possible that she did not fall pregnnat. Also she needs to be ovulating otherwise the conditions inside the vaginal canal are HOSTILE, so the sperm CANNOT find their to the cervix and the fallopian tube since they get destroyed before they can possible reach them.

I would not worry, unless a huge amount of sperm could get into her vagina. Relax, and enjoy sex with some form of contraception. However, DO Keep in mind that sex MAY result in pregnancy any time ! All the best!