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What are the chances of going out with a cheerleader?

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Cheerleaders are also girls, they are popular is all. Treat her well and she will go out with you!

2016-02-25 00:43:17
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What are the chances of a high school cheerleader becoming a pro cheerleader?

It depends on ther level of skill and who your asking.

What are the chances of a 15 year old cheerleader having a herniated disk?

and good chance

Can you be a new cheerleader at eighteen?

of course you can you can, but you really have to be able to learn quick. because at 18 you are going off to college, and if you wanna make the college team you have to be able to tumble. (tumbling is back handsprings, fulls, etc.) and if you're a new cheerleader, chances are you can't tumble. which means you gotta learn all that quick before you tryout for a team

Do Justin Bieber likes cheerleader?

well i think that he doesn't have a problem with them because he did have a girlfriend that was a cheerleader !!!:DSo i am going to say es he does like cheerleaders:D <3

What is the chances of a girl going to college in china?

Chances are extremely good!!

Is there going to be the crazies 2?

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How do you ask a cheerleader out?

when a cheerleader has got her uniform on ask her "would you happen to be a cheerleader"? also be yourself or be hot ... depending on the cheerleader

Is Fergie a cheerleader?

She was a cheerleader when she was younger.

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Can you get payed to be a cheerleader?

can you be payed to be a cheerleader or go to collage can you be payed to be a cheerleader or go to collage

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Is Hannah Montana a cheerleader?

She used to be a cheerleader

Was Jessica Simpson a cheerleader?

No, she was never a cheerleader.

When was The Cheerleader created?

The Cheerleader was created in 1974.

What is the ISBN of The Cheerleader?

The ISBN of The Cheerleader is 0966335201.

How is newtons laws of motion used in cheerleading?

because the cheerleaders are putting the weight of them on the cheerleader that is going up

Be a cheerleader in buildabearville?

If you want to be a cheerleader just simply buy a cheerleader outfit for the Pawlete Confour Boutique!

What is a boy called if they cheerlead?

a cheerleader, or a male cheerleader

What is a chief cheerleader?

a chief cheerleader can be a captin or coach

What color is a cheerleader?

A cheerleader is an occupation/sport, not a color.

Is Eminem's daughter a cheerleader?

yes, hailie is a cheerleader

Was George Washington a cheerleader?

George Washington was not a cheerleader.

How many pages does The Cheerleader have?

The Cheerleader has 288 pages.

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Is it okay to be a cheerleader?

you can be a cheerleader if you want if someone says that you shouldn't then don't listen to then follow what you want to do not what other people want you to do and you have to have confidence in your self or your not going to be a vary good one so whatever you do have confidence and you will go far