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What are the chances of pregnancy if there was a hole in the side of the condom about one and a half inches up and it was used for two ejaculations?



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You may possibly be pregnant or have been exposed to any STDs your partner has. Please go to a doctor or your local Planned Parenthood and have both pregnancy and STDs tests done. If the sexual encounter took place no more than 72 hours (3 days) ago, go immediately to a Planned Parenthood and ask about getting Plan B (this will cause your menstrual cycle to occur and prevent a pregnancy from occurring). A condom with holes or rips does not protect against either pregnancy or STDs. A condom should never be used for more than one sexual encounter. Quality condoms with spermicide are not expensive and can be found in most stores, such as Walmart. It is possible that the ejaculate had squeezed it way up the shaft and out the hold. Well, depending on the amount of semen you dispell there could be a good chance. Condoms are not made for multiple uses. One is the best and safest bet. If you dont let out that much at a time then maybe not. If it was one and half inches up from the bottom then its significantly less. If it was from the top 50/50. In the future use birth control and a condon and you wont have to wonder. Pretty good. (Was it really used twice?) How cheap is this guy?