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You may possibly be pregnant or have been exposed to any STDs your partner has. Please go to a doctor or your local Planned Parenthood and have both pregnancy and STDs tests done. If the sexual encounter took place no more than 72 hours (3 days) ago, go immediately to a Planned Parenthood and ask about getting Plan B (this will cause your menstrual cycle to occur and prevent a pregnancy from occurring). A condom with holes or rips does not protect against either pregnancy or STDs. A condom should never be used for more than one sexual encounter. Quality condoms with spermicide are not expensive and can be found in most stores, such as Walmart. It is possible that the ejaculate had squeezed it way up the shaft and out the hold. Well, depending on the amount of semen you dispell there could be a good chance. Condoms are not made for multiple uses. One is the best and safest bet. If you dont let out that much at a time then maybe not. If it was one and half inches up from the bottom then its significantly less. If it was from the top 50/50. In the future use Birth Control and a condon and you wont have to wonder. Pretty good. (Was it really used twice?) How cheap is this guy?

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What if your penis is 4.5 inches long and your 14 what condom size do you use?

Well, if your 14 you probably shouldn't be having sex, but if you must you should use a condom. If your penis is 4.5 inches when erect, you need a small condom, but if it is 4.5 inches when soft, you might need a medium or large condom. Hope this helps

How long do you have to be to fit a magnum condom?

Beyond 12 inches, I think. It is 13.7 inches long.

If your penis is 14 inches how big of a condom do you need?


What size condom should you wear if your penis 6 inches long?


What size condom do you need for a penis 8.5 inches long two inches wide?

ask your druggist or your sex partner

If your penis is about 3 inches long and you have big ejaculations will it satisfi a girl your age?

Nope, your penis is way to small sorry pal

If your penis is 7 inches how big of a condom do you need?

it will tell you on the box or ask the pharmacist, they will help you.

If your penis is 6.5 inches how big of a condom do you need?

There are measurements on the boxes of them that will tell you what sizes will fit what length.

Your penis is 6 inches long and is really beefy what is your condom size in durex and Trojan?

the smallest one there is.

Hey I'm 16 and your penis is 5 inches long and 1.5 inches wide is that long enough to fit a condom and will it grow more?

Yes, Yes and EWWWWW!!! ;(

What size condom should you get for a 7.5 inch long and 6 inch circumference?

do you really have a penis that is 6 inches in circumference? yes well mine has a 6.5 inch girth...what size condom should I get?

What condom should i be using if my penis is 5.5 inches?

Any 'standard' over-the-counter ones will be perfectly adequate !

How do you know if a condom rips?

IT sure takes alot for a condom to rip take 5 if you try to have sex for an hour or two or if your penis is big like mine like 8 inches take some more

What is 41- 43 inches in ages?

Full term pregnancy

How big is a small condom in inches?

Depends on the manufacturer. Some are 4 inches, some go up to 6. Remember condoms unroll, so you don't need to fully unroll it to use it.

What is the average size penis to make a girl moan?

around 7 inches. she will moan even more if you don't use a condom.

What size condom for a penis that is 7 ยผ inches long and a little more than a 5 inch girth?

Trojan Magnum.

How long in length is a baby in the sixth month of pregnancy?

At around the 24th week of pregnancy, the baby's length from head to toe is approximately 14 inches.

What would happend if woman squit during pregnancy?

Nothing. The liquid comes from a gland on the roof of the vaginal canal, a few inches in. This will not affect pregnancy.

How much max.length of penis required for pregnancy?

at least 3 feet 2 inches

How do you put on a condom as it seems to get to a certain point and won't roll anymore?

Depends how long your 'thingy' is. I have no trouble in this respect because my 'thingy' is a bit on the twee side, but if you have a twelve incher and your condom is only eight inches long you will appear to have a deficit of latex, doncha!!!

Your penis is about 5.5 in length and 5.5 in girth also what size condom do you use?

A square one :) Hopefully you mean 5.5 inches in circumference, not girth :)

How much should a baby weigh at 34 weeks pregnancy?

4.73 pounds and 17.72 inches

What does 178 mm transfer to in inches?

it equals 7" same size as a standard condom Direct Conversion Formula178 mm* 1 in 25.4 mm = 7.007874016 in

Name of a condom brand with lesser width?

Some snugger condoms include Beyond Seven, Crown and Kimono brands -- all about 2 inches wide (about 53 mm) with no flare.Lifestyles Snugger Fit are flared to 2 inches wide at the top, but 1.75 inches wide along most of the condom. Also very snug are Contempo Exotica and Durex Extra Pleasure condoms.Possibly the snuggest as their name suggests are Iron Grip condoms -- only 49 mm wide.

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