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You could be pregnant. Have a blood test done to see. My Mom had her period with all three of her children until she was 5-6 months along with us.

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Can you be pregnant if you had a two day long period?

Yes, a person can be pregnant and throughout the entire pregnancy they can have periods. It can be shorter and lighter but a period can also be shorter or lighter from stress, a change in eating habits, exercise or sexual activity.

Could you take a pregnancy test even if you've had your period but your're having pregnancy symptoms?

Yes. Believe me, even if you have your period or just had it you can take it. You can also get your period during your pregnancy. I did, i just got it lighter and shorter.

Is a shortened period a sign of pregnancy?

A shorter than normal period, or a lighter period, can indicate the possibility of pregnancy. Another possibility is irregular periods or recently stopping/starting birth control.

My period was almost 3 weeks late and when it did show up it was lighter shorter my tubes r tied and i have pregnancy symptoms could i be pregnant?


Can you still be pregnant if you had a period but your pregnancy test was positive?

Yes, some women actually do have their periods during the first few months of pregnancy. Usually, however, these cycles are lighter and shorter than normal.

Can you be pregnant if your last 3 periods are 2 days shorter and its much much lighter and your partner has been ejaculating inside you for about 3 months while ovulating?

while you cant have a true period while pregnant you can have early pregnancy bleeding which can last up to half the pregnancy, early pregnancy bleeding is usually shorter and lighter, and while you are ovulating is the highest chance to become pregnanct, so it sounds like you have a high chance of being pregnant, take a home test and go from there, hope for the best

Are the more human babies you have at once likely to provide longer or shorter pregnancy?


Which is lighter 13.5 kg or 12.9 kg?

As in most measurements, the lesser number is smaller, lighter or shorter. In this case 12.9 is lighter than 13.5

If you start birth control pills for the first time on the first day of your period can that period be shorter and or lighter than usual?

I found that mine was not shorter of lighter, only the following months were changed.

Can you be pregnant if you are on the pill and got a much lighter period but are experiencing symptoms such as bloating and headaches?

Bloating and headaches and vaginal bleeding indicate a period or withdrawal bleeding, not pregnancy. The birth control pill normally makes the period lighter and shorter. If you missed pills, take a pregnancy test, but any amount of brown or red bleeding or spotting counts as a "period" on the pill.

If your period was a lot lighter and only 2 days when it should have been 7-10 days and you have a lot of gas and diarrhea and cramping could it be a sign of pregnancy?

It could be, but a stomach virus that causes the diarrhea and cramping could be making the period lighter too. Illness and stress, as well as many other things can cause a wacky period. On the other hand, a lighter and/or shorter period and diarrhea are both early symptoms of pregnancy.

What makes your period lighter and shorter?

Water! Drink lots of water.

What is considered a carbine?

General rule is that it is shorter and lighter than a rifle

What symptoms can you get on birth control?

sometimes...if you're lucky a shorter lighter period!

Can your period be shorter and lighter than usual and you still be pregnant?


Will birth control make you not have a period?

No, it'll just make them lighter and shorter.

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Can stress make your period lighter and shorter?

Yes you can, you can buy this item called progesterone, They sell it at all H.E.B's and its a girl hormone that gives you only 4 periods a year and they are much much shorter and lighter! Its about $30-$40 DOLLARS.

Can NuvaRing make your period lighter?

Like all combined hormonal birth control methods, NuvaRing is likely to make your period lighter and shorter.

If you've gotten 4 negative pregnancy tests and get periods that are a little bit lighter and shorter than usual could you be pregnant?

most likely not pregnant, with so many negatives, but that being said, pregnancy tests are not always right, and you can get your period while pregnant, if you think you might be, its best to consult a doctor

Why would you have your period for just one day?

If you have had sex recently, it could be implantation bleeding. Take a pregnancy test. If it is negative, wait and see what will happen with your next period. If you miss that or it is lighter or shorter than usual, go and see the doctor

What could it mean if your period is a lot lighter and shorter than normal?

what does it mean when your menstrual is shorter than others could be from stress or hormonal imbalance or even pregnancy.See your doctor or get a pregnancy test to ease your mind.Or talk to call a nurse almost every hospital has one and they can help rule out any suspsions i would suppose.

Can the birth control pill make your period shorter?

Hello. Yes. Birth control pills make your period shorter, lighter and less painful.birth control will lessen the number of days you have your period because your body believes it is pregnant even though you are not. talk to a physician or go to a womans clinic to have a pregnancy test done if you believe you may be but chances are you are not. p.s. be more safe with your body

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If you get your period but it is shorter and lighter could you be pregnant?

no. I dnt know but wat does dis have to do for making me dinner!