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Unless there are other, non related health issues, a 14 year old should be ok.

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Q: What are the chances that a 14 yr old will live through child birth?
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How Does mammal have children?

Through live birth.

Do girls on birth control live longer?

Maybe. They don't experience the risks of pregnancy and child birth.

What age can the adopted child live with the birth parents?

generally 18

How do chimpanzees have live birth?

They give birth through the birth canal in the vagina just like humans do.

Do guppies die before they give birth?

Guppies live through giving birth.

What are the chances of getting Spina Bifida?

You cannot "get" Spina Bifida after birth. It is a birth defect which occurs in approximately 7 out of every 10,000 live births in the US.

Are you emancipated after having a child?

If you live in the US... No. Giving birth is not an emancipating event.

Do calfs come out as eggs?

No, they come through live birth.

What age in Georgia can a child choose to live with birth parent?

see links below

Can a child have a birth mother and an adoptive father at the same time and live with them both?


How do tigers have babis?

first they mate and then it is a live birth through the birth canal, do you want me to go into detail?

Does zebras give live birth?

Yes, Zebras do give birth. Most birth happens during January through March.

You just found out you have a child the mother and your child live in another state and you have no contact with them what rights do you have?

This will depend on whether or not she listed you on the birth certificate, or was she married when the child was born.

Can whales have babies?

Yes, whales go through live birth.

Do spiders give birth?

Yes, they just do not give live birth. Spiders birth through an egg sack which is released and carried on their abdomen.

How old does a child have to be in the state of nebraska to choose to live with their birth parent after being adopted?


What are the chances that a 14 yr old will live through leukemia?

He has a great chance of survival if you avoid chemo and radiation.

What are the percentages of giving birth to five live babies at once?

The percentages of giving birth to five babies (quintuplets) at once are very extreme and low, a study in 2010 in the US said that the chances of giving birth to quintuplets was 0.00092%.

If a mother gets her child taken from drug abuse. What rights does the father have if he does not live with her and no custody is court ordered?

Even with a custody award, if the child is in state care, his chances are 15% in getting the child. see links below

What happens to the child support when a child moves from California to Texas to live with non custodial parent who is paying child support?

A change of custody must be filed through the courts. A change in child support should also be filed through the courts.

Does a bat have a live birth?

no they do not have live birth

In Ohio at what age does child of unmarried birth parents decide who to live with?

age 18 see links below

Why did the Romans kill Caesarion but allow Cleopatra's other children to live?

cleopatras life was threatened by the birth of the child

Do polar bears give live birth or not live birth?

Yes, they do give live birth

If the father signs the birth certificate and they are unwed can he take the child without consent to live with him?

If the mother wishes to have custody of the child, she should file a motion in the appropriate courthouse.