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Q: What are the characteristics of attendants?
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Where does the apostrophe go in attendants?

attendant's or attendants'

What is the collective noun of attendants?

There is no standard collective noun for the noun 'attendants', In which case any noun that suits the situation can be used. How about an absence of attendants or an attitude of attendants.

How to spell attendants or attendents?

The correct spelling is 'attendants'.

What is the collective noun for followers?

There is no specific collective noun for attendants, there are many different types of attendants, parking attendants, flight attendants, church attendants, etc. Use a collective noun that is suitable for the circumstances:a staff of parking attendantsa crew of flight attendantsa congregation of church attendants

How do you write a sentence with attendance and attendants?

Your attendance will be noted by the attendants stationed at the entryway.

What do attendants do for bees?

Only the queen has attendants, and their pupose is to feed and groom her and generally look after her.

Why did the kings 74 attendants drink poison?

because the king was selfish towards the attendants

When was Association of Flight Attendants created?

Association of Flight Attendants was created on 1945-08-22.

What are the release dates for The Attendants - 2013?

The Attendants - 2013 was released on: USA: 23 January 2013 (internet)

Married flight attendants cheating on layovers?

Not all flight attendants or pilots for that matter cheat on their spouses, but for years it has been known that some flight attendants and pilots certainly can cheat on layovers.

What is a homophone for attendants?


Who were the attendants of bacchus?