Flight Attendants

Flight Attendants are a part of an aircrew that give a flight of an airplane more comfort. Most flight attendants are female but there are male flight attendants.

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Flight Attendants

Name something a flight attendant shows passengers how to use?


Emergency Exit

Oxygen Mask

Life Jacket

Safety Card

Emergency Floor Lighting

Flight Attendants

What do you call a female flight attendant?

A stewardess

Flight Attendants

Is it hard to become a flight attendant?

Look to the related link below for information regarding a career as a flight attendant .

Flight Attendants

What questions are asked in an Air Stewardess interview?

"Why would you want to join us?" Is a sample interview question asked in an Air Stewardess interview.

Flight Attendants

On an online application form how would you fill the column for why you would like to join that specific airline for cabin crew?

I would like to join this particular airline for cabin crew job because 1) the Airline is a highly reputed one 2) only the best of the candidates are selected and trained under thorough professionals 3) Status symbol

Flight Attendants

What is the plural word stewardess?

The plural of words which end in ~ess is always ~esses, so stewardess becomes stewardesses. However it should be noted that there is a growing trend away from words which define the gender of the person and that steward (plural: stewards) - applied to both male and female - is increasignly common. This mirrors the move away from actress to actor.

Flight Attendants

How do you find out if your flight attendant boyfriend is cheating?

you catch him out.

Flight Attendants

Why do you need to be able to swim while being a flight attendant?

A flight attendant's duties include managing passenger evacuation in the event of an emergency. It's possible that an aircraft may have to land in the sea or on a body of water, so it's essential that flight attendants can swim to be able to assist passengers.

Flight Attendants

What sort of questions should you expect in a cabin crew or flight attendant job interview?

Cabin Crew Interview Questions

1. Tell us about yourself?

2. Why do you want to join us?

3. What would you like to do in five years' time ?

4. Do you prefer working with others or alone?

5. What are your biggest accomplishments?

6. What are your favorite subjects?

7. Why should we hire you?

8. What are your hobbies?

9. What is the worst feedback you have ever got?

10. What is the most difficult situation you have faced?

11.How do you measure talent?

12.How do/would you optimize performance and lift standards in a team?

13.Have you ever dealt with a customer making an unrealistic demand?

14.How would you respond if you were offered the job?

15.What would you do if you had to deal with an angry customer?

16.What will you bring to the job/company if we employ you?

17.Tell me about the culture at your last company/employer.

18.Tell me about your life at College or University (or even your time in your previous job).

19.What do you want to be doing in 2/5/10 years time? Or: Where do you want to be in 2/5/10 years time?

20.What is your ideal job?

21.What did you achieve in your last job?

22.What are your strengths?

23.What are your weaknesses?

24.Tell me about something recently that really annoyed you.

25.Give me an example of when you've produced some poor work and how you've dealt with it.

26.How do you plan and organize your work?

27.How many hours a week do you work/prefer to work?

28.Do you make mistakes?

29.What do you know about our company?

30.Why do you want to leave this job after only four months?

33.What do you think the employee's responsibilities are to the company?

34.Why do you want to change jobs?

35. How would you handle a drunk passenger.

36. Would you seat an incapacitated person in an exit row if the passenger wanted to move to that seat.

37. Would you seat a child in an exit row.

38. Would you ever upgrade a person for first class and if so, for what reasons.

39. How would you handle an upset passenger., or an angry passenger.

40. Would you accept a tip? What would you do if someone asked for your phone number?

41. Why do you think some passengers take their frustrations out on cabin crew, even though the cabin crew are trying

to help them?

42. What would you do if you saw one of your colleagues being deliberately rude to a passenger?

43. What would you do if a commercially important passenger complained that another commercially important

passenger is snoring too loudly behind him?

44. If, for example, there are 60 children on the flight, but you only have 40 toys. How would you deal with this


45. What would you do if the seat belt signs were on and the aircraft is about to take off, but a passenger insist that he

has to kneel down to conduct his prayer due to religious reasons

Flight Attendants

Can you get a flight attendant job with a misdemeanor?

This question can only be answered by contacting the company you wish to apply to.

Flight Attendants

What is the Opposite gender of stewardess?


Family Travel
Flight Attendants

What is the minimum age for a child to travel by plane?

That depends on the airline. Each airline has its own rules regarding "UMs" (unaccompanied minors) depending on the number of stops, length of flights, etc. Some airlines will allow children to travel unaccompanied as young as age 5, particularly if it's a non-stop flight. Check with the different airlines that fly the routes you're interested in for their rules and, of course, expect to pay a surcharge for this service.

However, if you're talking about newborn infants, I believe most airlines leave that up to the discretion of the parents and their doctor.

Flight Attendants

Why do you want to be cabin crew?

It's a great job but hard work. I've been flying for over 10 years now and hate it when I am not flying! It is addictive and gets into your blood and its a job you either love or hate... and think of it as a 'lifestyle'. Try it, I am sure you won't regret it... more information available here:


Job Interviews
Flight Attendants

When is Kuwait airways going to recruit cabin crews from Kuwait base?


Air Travel
Jet Airways
Flight Attendants

How do you find out a flight attendants name?

Read her name tag.

If it's after a flight and you didn't get her name, write the airline either a complaint or a compliment. Describe her and say where she was working. This letter will be forwarded to her and pass by her supervisor's desk. If it's a complaint, it will be investigated and if it's a compliment, and you put your contact information, than it's up to her to contact you!

Flight Attendants

Cabin crew interview questions?

why you want to be cabin crew?

what s your skills?

what s your ambitious?

why do you want ti join fly dubai?

have you ever lost your temper ?

whats your weaknesses and strenghts? s

Flight Attendants

How do you become a flight attendant?

Minimum Qualifications to Become a Flight Attendant

One of the first steps in evaluating a flight attendant career is determining whether you qualify for the position. Every airline has a set of minimum hiring requirements.

Virtually every airline requires that you have a high school degree or Government Equivalency Degree (G.E.D.) If you did not finish high school or have not passed the G.E.D., do not bother to apply for a job as a flight attendant. You absolutely won't get hired without a high school degree (or equivalent).

When you review each airline�s minimum hiring qualifications, you should realize that these are merely minimums. More is always better, especially when it comes to education. Just because you have a high school degree, do not expect to walk into an airline employment office, show your diploma and get hired.

Many airlines look favorably upon applicants who have tried to better themselves by pursuing higher education. A recent study shows that over one-half of all flight attendants hired have at least one year of college under their belt, and over one-third have an Associate�s or Bachelor�s degree. A few even have Master�s degrees or Doctorate�s; these types of advanced degrees are certainly not required for the job, but will be helpful if you plan on pursuing a management or supervisory position someday.

Additionally, if you are lacking customer service experience, many airlines will overlook this "weakness" if you have a college education behind you. Hiring departments believe that college experience makes applicants more mature and better able to handle the many challenges and responsibilities that come with being a flight attendant.

Customer Service Experience

Customer service experience is typically not a firm requirement; meaning, you can usually apply without it. However, a lack of customer service experience makes getting hired that much more difficult. Customer service experience will give you a clear competitive advantage in your quest to become a flight attendant.

Remember that you will be working in front of the public on a regular basis. From greeting, serving and assisting passengers to making announcements, you will always be representing the company in a customer service role. Because it is very important to project a positive image, airlines are very careful about selecting candidates who have experience working with the public.

Most people do not even realize that they have a customer service background. If you have ever worked in an environment in which you had to deal with the public on a regular basis, you have customer service experience. This can include working in a retail clothing store, waiting tables in a restaurant, answering telephones in a corporate environment, etc.

However, if you do not have any customer service experience, you should not despair. You may have a more difficult time than others who do, but it won't preclude you from landing the job, especially if you excel in other qualification areas. For example, the airlines will usually substitute a college education (even without a degree) for a lack of customer service experience.

Language Skills

Fluency in a second language, such as French, Spanish, German, Japanese, or Chinese is a major plus in the eyes of flight attendant hiring departments; however, most airlines are only concerned with your ability to speak English. Fluency in English is a must. If you cannot speak English effectively, you won't get hired by a U.S. airline.

Very few airlines require you to be able to speak a second language. Airlines that have a second language preference do so because of certain international destinations. On these routes, a designated Language of Destination/Origin (also called LOD/O - pronounced "low-doe") flight attendant is assigned to the flight. Such positions are usually awarded to senior flight attendants, making these jobs difficult to obtain even for qualified applicants. Pay is also higher for LOD/O qualified flight attendants - approximately $1.50 to $2.00 higher per hour.


Every major U.S. airline requires you to be a U.S. Citizen or registered alien with legal right to accept employment in the U.S., plus the right to travel to and from the countries the airline serves.

You are also required to have a social security card and, in many instances, a passport. If you do not have a passport, it might be a good idea to get one now. They take just a few weeks to obtain.


Every major airline requires that you be willing to relocate to any of the listed flight attendant domiciles.


The airlines are very particular about hiring individuals who have a neat and attractive appearance. After all, flight attendants are the only employees to have direct, continuous contact with the traveling public. No matter what the marketing department propagates over the airwaves or in print, flight attendants must look neat and professional in order for the airline to develop an appealing brand identity.

Typically, airlines do not permit visible tattoos, body piercings (save for your ears), long hair on men, "rebellious" hairstyles, bizarre or offensive-looking makeup or jewelry, poorly manicured hands, etc. All airlines are different. For example, some do not even permit facial hair on men! During training, you will be given specific grooming regulations which must be strictly adhered to.

Company Physical and Background Check

If you have thoroughly read through the minimum hiring requirements (above), you may be thinking it would be easy enough to "cheat" a little bit during the application process - maybe say you are a year older or an inch taller than you actually are, or fail to mention that DUI conviction you had three years ago. You do not want to do this, trust us! Airlines have a couple of ways to determine whether applicant have lied on their application about their age, height, past use of drugs, work history, or any other area that would preclude them from landing the job.

Every airline administers a company physical examination to every new-hire. During this exam, an airline is able to detect whether you lied on your application about your height, whether you have a drug or alcohol problem, or whether your past medical history shows anything adverse that would disqualify you from getting the job. Since you are given a urinalysis during this physical, it is very important that you inform the examiners of any medications you might be taking.

In addition to the medical exam, there is also a thorough background check. During the background check, which can go back as many as 10 years, virtually everything about you is investigated - your age, place of birth, school records, criminal records (if any), etc. If an airline finds that you lied on your application or you have any sort of criminal record, you will be immediately dismissed

How long is training school for?

Delta Airlines
Flight Attendants

How old do you have to be to be a flight attendant for Delta Airlines?


Flight Attendants

A filipina flight attendant for Singapore airline?

no, they don't hire Filipinas for cabin crew as far as i know

Flight Attendants

What is a male stewardess called?

A steward or perhaps flight attendant

Flight Attendants

What do you call a male flight attendant?

A steward.


The previous answer is wrong. A steward is a position on a ship, not a plane. The correct answer in American English is Flight Attendant (which is used for both men and women).

In British English, Air Host is is the appropriate term for men.


A steward is also a position on a plane.

"A person who looks after the passengers on a ship, aircraft, or train." -- Oxford

"A flight attendant" -- Dictionary.com

"An employee on a ship, airplane, bus, or train who manages the provisioning of food and attends passengers" -- Merriam-Webster

Salary and Pay Rates
Flight Attendants

How much does a valet attendant make hourly?

Many valet employees at hotels make 7-10 dollars per hour plus tips, which can range depending on how busy you are and how many people are working to split the tips with. In an 8 hour shift at hotel in Omaha, Nebraska, I average 12/hour in the winter months and 15-20/hour in the spring through fall. Also, the graveyard shifts are generally paid 10-11 an hour due to less tips and the odd shift.

I work at a tribal gaming casino. We pool our tips together and spilt them in 3 different sections during the day. I make 8/hr base wage. the averages of our tips "cuts" are 3am to 11am: $5/hr , 11am to 7 pm $12/hr, and 7pm to 3 am: $20/hr.

on a really busy Saturday night I've made $30/hr plus base pay, so about $38, but your legs are like rubber after that

Depends on where they work also. Casino. Hotel. Restaurant. Personally I work at a Casino with a base pay around 4$ an hour +tips. Also we pool tips so the person you tip doesn't get the reward for his individual efforts, instead the collective effort (and the guests generosity) determine their wages....

Flight Attendants

Is married women can apply to be a flight attendant?

Their are so many airline who do hire married women for flight attendant.

Job Interviews
Flight Attendants

What kind of questions are asked when being interviewed for a in bound call center position?

It really depends highly on the type of position (whether it is in-bound calls or out-bound calls) but aside from the common interview questions (previous work experience, how you interact with others, etc) you can expect to receive questions in pertains to: -how do you handle upset/beligerent callers? -are you able to multitask? -are you able/willing to converse on the phone for 8+ straight hours (depending on how busy the call center is)? -are you able/willing to make calls in order to sell products (if it is an out-bound call center) -how do you get along with others in general (are you kind hearted or do you get upset easily)? That's just a sampling, but most of the questions will pertain directly to your job duties so study the position well and find out what they are looking for. The best preparation comes from knowing the company and knowing what the position entails. Like I said, it depends a lot on the call center itself, but the important thing is knowing what kind of call center it is and what the future employer is looking for (and of course if you are a match for the job). They normally ask some thing about us.Where we have to describe about us our privious job profile(if experienced),our name and location,qualification,professional qualification,hobbies etc.The intention behind asking this type is question is not that they want to know the truth about u, but your way of conversation,quality of your accent,the way you describe yourself.They want to check with your grammer.So its better that u prepare well for grammer.Even a single grammatical mistake can disqualify u.

Flight Attendants

Is being a flight attendant a good job?

its not a bad job. but only because of terrorism.


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