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Caterpillars are :

* the larval stage of life of a moth or butterfly (insects) which occurs in indirect development, ie change form from one stage to the next. (In insects, the stages are 1: egg, 2: larva, 3: pupa/chrysalis/cocoon, 4: adult).

* vary in size but may measure up to 2-3 inches depending on species and age * are segmented, with a tubular shape, and more then 6 times the number of muscles a human has. * have 6 simple eyes for detecting light (non-directional, not-focusing)

* soft-bodied * many-legged * use antennae to locate food

* most feed on leaves

* varied in color and pattern, some even having spines or pseudo-horns * Serve as protein-rich food for other insects, animals, even humans * species have developed a variety of self-defense mechanisms, such as barbed hairs, toxicity, or the ability to escape on a line of silk.

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What are special characteristics of a caterpillar?

It feeds on leaves and does not have wings

What kind of caterpillar is this black and yellow caterpillar?

That caterpillar is a magpie caterpillar.

What are characteristics of a silkworm?

silkworm is the caterpillar of silk moth . it spines a strong,thin,silken fibre around itself to form a cucoon

How long is a caterpillar a caterpillar?

How long a caterpillar stays a caterpillar depends on what species it is. Some stay a caterpillar for thee to four weeks and some hibernate during the winter and stay a caterpillar for a year.

How do you spell caterpillar?


How long is a caterpillar in a cocoon?

The length of the caterpillar depends on the type of caterpillar it is.

Can I help a caterpillar get out of its cacoon?

Do not help the caterpillar, the caterpillar will realize the cacoon is open so the caterpillar will go out of the cacoon and form another if it can so leave your caterpillar alone.

How long does a caterpillar stay a caterpillar?

it depends on what type of caterpillar it is. for instance,a poofy.

What are the stages of a caterpillar?

the stages of the caterpillar are eggs, larva, pupa, and adult caterpillar

What type of caterpillar is green?

A caterpillar

Is caterpillar mimicry?

No a caterpillar is a mimicry

What is a destructive caterpillar?

What is a destructive caterpillar?

How does a caterpillar explode?

Caterpillar do not explode.

Is a caterpillar a carnivor?

no a caterpillar is not a carnivor

Who makes caterpillar filters?


What is a female caterpillar called?

a caterpillar

Who is competitor of caterpillar?

Another caterpillar

Is caterpillar a verb?

No, caterpillar is a noun.

How long is a a caterpillar?

What type of caterpillar?

What happens if you cook a caterpillar?

The caterpillar will melted and die, but why do you want to cook a caterpillar? It disgusting!

What kind of caterpillar is orange and black striped?

Cinnabar moth caterpillar

Is a caterpillar a butterfly before it Is A Caterpillar?

No the caterpillar is first. Since this animal metamorphoses into a butterfly.

Are some caterpillars poisons?

yes defiantly there's the Costa Rican hairy, The bag shelter caterpillar, The saddle back caterpillar, the pus caterpillar, cinnabar moth caterpillar, The stinging rose caterpillar, the hickory tussock caterpillar, the Io moth caterpillar, The spiny oak slug caterpillar, these are just a few of them. You might find these depending what country you live in

Does caterpillar have fur or hair?

a caterpillar has hair

What is kingdom of caterpillar?

The caterpillar is in the Amelia kingdom