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Connective tissue contains specialized cells, extracellular protein fibers, ground substance (fluid) and matrix. Matrix is protein fibers and ground substance combined and it surrounds the specialized cells.

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Is dense connective tissue and fibrous connective tissue the same?

Technically they are the same. Fibrous connective tissue is basically any kind of connective tissue different than adipose and areolar. The fibrous connective tissue has more fibroblast and collagen fiber (a characteristic of dense connective tissue) but no much of elastic fibers (which is the histological difference with cartilage). Of course, we have to exclude blood, lymph and bones from the fibrous tissues because they are specialized connective tissue and have totally different characteristics than dense and loose connective tissue.

Describe the general characteristics of cartilage?

Cartilage is a tough, elastic connective tissue. The characteristics of cartilage is chondrocytes and collagen which allows nutrients to diffuse between blood vessels surrounding various connective tissue.

What are types of mature connective tissue?

a. loose connective tissue 1. aerolalar connective tissue 2.adipose tissue 3.retigular connective tissue b. Dense connective tissue 1.dense irregular connective tissue 2.dense regular connective tissue 3.elastic connective tissue

Describe the physical characteristics of connective tissue like ligaments and tendons?

It is tte specific conective tissue

What three types of fibers would you find in connective tissue?

A characteristics an mixture

What are the categories of connective tissue?

Connective tissue is classified into two categories. Connective tissue proper includes loose connective tissue and dense connective tissue. The specialized connective tissues include cartilage, bone, and blood.

Describe five general characteristics of epithelial tissue?

Polarity, Cellularity, Supported by Connective tissue, Avascularity and Regeneration

What type of tissue is a bone?

Its connective tissue.

Is Nails a connective tissue?

No. They are not connective tissue.

Is dense fibrous connective tissue in the epidermis?

No, there is not dense connective tissue in the epidermis. There is loose connective tissue right below the epidermis (areolar connective tissue).

Is blood a loose connective tissue?

No. Blood is a specialized connective tissue that belongs to the liquid connective tissue.

Define connective tissue?

connective tissue is a form of fibrous tissue

Where would you find connective tissue?

it is a tissue that is connective for instance tissue connecting with tissue

What is the protein in connective tissue?

Collagen is the connective tissue.

What are 3 general characteristics of a connective tissue?

There are many different types of connective tissue, each with their own specific characteristics, however, three general characteristics are:Connective tissue is well vascularized (has a good supply of veins and arteries and therefore good supply of oxygen and nutrients).They recover from injury well due to being able to reproduce quickly.They have a lot of space between cells (extracellular matrix).

Is blood a connective type of tissue?

Yes. Blood is a connective tissue, part of the specialized liquid connective tissue.

Connective tissue that holds tendons in place?

Connective tissue that holds tendons in place are called fibrous connective tissue. Loose connective tissue holds organs in place.

What type of tissue provides support for the body?

Connective Tissueconnective tissue

What is the connective tissue of the spleen called?

The tissue of the spleen is reticular connective tissue.

Is areolar a connective tissue?

Yes, areolar tissue is a type of connective tissue.

What are the functions of the connective tissue wrappings of the skeletal muscle?

The connective tissue protects the muscle tissue. The connective tissue includes tendons and aponeurosis

What are the three characteristics of connective tissue?

Rich supply of blood vessels, composed of many types of cells and has a great deal of noncellular, nonliving material (matrix) between the cells of connective tissue.

What is the hardest connective tissue?

Bone is the hardest connective tissue

What connective tissue is dense connective tissue?

The dermis of the skin

What connective tissue surrounds the spleen?

Reticular connective tissue

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