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One of the characteristics is "Holism", which means "the idea that all the properties of a system cannot be determined by the sum of it's parts." Society is not simply a collection of people. It involves much more complex relationships. As a branch of knowledge and study, sociology lacks the precision of the natural sciences. This is partly because it is concerned with human organization, structures and behaviours.

2008-02-28 19:15:20
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What are The essential characteristics of sociology?

Sociology is the study of knowledge and it has its own characteristics. It is a social science but not the physical science.

What are the similarities of sociology and science?

Sociology is a science.

Sociology is the science of societyjustify the statement?

can sociology be science justify it

Is sociology a science or an art?

Sociology is actually considered to be both an art and a science. In colleges, a student can go for an associates of the art degree in sociology or an applied science degree in sociology.

How science can be sociology?

If you study society in a scientific manner, then the science you are using is sociology.

Is sociology a science or art subject?

Sociology can be considered both a science and an art subject. This is because sociology is a study and a skill.

Sociology is the science of society justify this statement?

Sociology is the science of society justify this statement?

Nature and scope of industrial sociology?

NATURE OF SOCIOLOGY Sociology as a branch of knowledge, has its own unique characteristics It is different from other sciences in certain respects. An analysis of internal logical characteristics helps one to understand what kind of science it is. The following are the main characteristics of sociology as enlisted by Robert Bierstedt in his book "The Social Order". Those each characteristics are added to this blog within the label "Nature of Sociology" onwards as unique posts. SCOPE OF SOCIOLOGY Every science has its own areas of inquiry. It becomes difficult for any one to study a science systematically unless its boundaries are demarcated and scope determined precisely. Unfortunately, there is no consensus on the part of sociologist with regard to the scope of sociology. V. F. Calberton comments. "since sociology is so elastic a science, it is difficult to determine just where its boundaries began and end, where sociology becomes social psychology and where social psychology becomes sociology, or where economic theory becomes sociological doctrine or biological theory becomes sociological theory something, which is impossible to decide. However there are two main schools of thought regarding the scope of sociology: The specialistic or formalistic school The synthetic school.

How do you trace the origin and development of sociology as a science?

To trace the origin and development of sociology as a science, you would need to research the history of sociology to learn its orgins and how it developed as a science.

What is introdution to sociology in urdu?

sociology is the science of society

Define sociology as a science?

Sociology is the scientific study of human society. It encompasses the social behavior of human beings, the origins and development of society as such, and the particular functions and characteristics of social institutions and structures.

What is the scientific name of sociology?

why it is sociology name/ Social science

Is sociology a scientific discipline0r not?

Yes! Sociology is a 'social science'.

What is the most important characteristic about sociology?

what are the most important characteristics of sociology

Does sociology is a pure science or an applied science?

Its a delusion of science.

Relationship between sociology physics?

Modeling of reality is the relationship between Sociology and Physics. Sociology is a social science whereas Physics is a physical science.

How does sociology compare to social science?

Sociology itself is a social science. Elaborate on whether you mean: Positivist or Interactionist. Source - I'm studying AS Level Sociology.

Is sociology an absolute science?


What is science and arts in sociology?

it is about science and drawing....obv

Is sosology science?

Sociology is the scientific study of human behavior in the society. In other words, yes, sociology IS a science.

What are the components of sociology?

There are three components of sociology. They are science, interactions, and humans. Sociology looks at why and how humans act.

What are the two broad areas of sociology as a science?

the two broad areas of sociology as a science is a menu bar and tool bar !

What is the difference between sociology and political science?

Sociology studies the functioning of society; political science studies the distribution of power.

Who defined History is past sociology is sociology is present history?

social science

Is criminology is a science?

It is considered a social science, such as psychology or sociology.