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The single greatest characteristic is that all adult insects possess six pairs of legs.

There are other characteristics which most, but not all, insects share, i.e. wings, a body divided into head, thorax, and abdomen, and metamorphosis, but these characteristics may be absent in some primitive groups of insect.

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How do you distinguish insects from other arthropods?

by doing it the way of the type of insects

What 4 characteristics set insects apart from other arthropods?


What characteristics make crustaceans different from other arthropods?

Their biramous (two-part) appendages and the nauplius larval form distinguish crustaceans from other arthropods.

What characteristics of arachnids distinguish them from other arthropods?

the legs , but mainly the eyes , the arachnids can have up to a 360 eyes and can jump

What characteristics distinguish an insect from all other groups of animals?

Insects have six legs, two antannae and three body parts.The most important characteristic that distinguish insects from other groups of animals is its exoskeleton.

How are insects different from other anthropods?

Insects are considered to be arthropods. This means they have jointed limbs. Some characteristics that makes insects different include having six legs and wings.

What characteristics distinguish class Crustacea from the other arthropod classes?

Crustaceans differ from other arthropods in that they have biramous (two-part) appendages and the nauplius larval form.

What are scorpions prey?

Insects And other Arthropods

How can you tell and insect apart from other arthropods?

arthropods have 8 legs and insects have 6 :-)

What are the four characteristics that distinguish insects from other athropods?

6 legs, antennas, flight(well, most anyway) and adaptation

How are in six different from other arthropods?

Assuming this question is how are insects different from other arthropods, insects fall into hexapods which includes insects, springtails and a few other groups of arthropods with six legs. Insects are different from other hexapods in that they possess a structure called a tentorium which is an internal support skeleton in the head made by extensions of the exoskeleton into the head.

How are insects different from other arthropods?

Insects have body Sections but Arthopods have body Segments.

Why Is A Wasp A Arthropod?

Wasps and other insects are deemed arthropods by virtue of their physical characteristics: they have segmented bodies, an exoskeleton made from chitin, and joint appendages.

Are cokcroaches arthropods?

Yes they are. Cockroaches are insects, which, along with other segmented organisms with exoskeletons, are also arthropods.

What characteristics distinguish insects from other members of this phylum?

Insects belong to phylum arthropoda which is the largest of all the phylum's in the animal kingdom. Insects have a cutaneous exoskeleton, that protects the softer vital parts of their bodies. Most insects do not have a circulatory system.

What are characteristics of an arthropod?

Arthropods, which fall under the phylum of Arthropoda, encompass many animals such as spiders, insects, crustaceans, centipedes, and scorpions. One characteristic of arthropods is their exoskeleton, which they have because they are invertebrates and do not have any internal bones to support them. Other characteristics of arthropods include their segmented bodies, bilateral symmetry, open circulatory system, and jointed appendages.

What is the diet of the tarantula?

Tarantulas mostly eat insects and other arthropods.

What are the eating habits of arthropods?

Arthropods, i think are usually scavengers and they feed on the dead. Arachnids (Insects) either eat other insects, much smaller to them or they eat dead stuff. Marine arthropods feed on the dead too...!

Why do arthropods make up the largest animal phylum?

Because insects are arthropods and there are more species of insects than any other organism type on this planet (if memory serves).

Characteristics of Arthropods?

you know stuff and like other stuff

What characteristics distinguish crustaceans from all other arthropods?

Their ten walking legs, and their split nature (biramous). All their legs are tiny pincers matching the main ones, unless the segment is fused.

What are the characteristics that most distinguishes arthropods from other invertebrates?

Arthropods have external skeletons, jointed legs, and a segmented body.

How do insects differ from other arthropods?

They have six legs and head, thorax and abdomen.

Are rolly-polys invertebrates?

All insects and other arthropods are invertebrates.

What do Amazon milk frogs eat?

They eat insects or other small arthropods.

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